Ancient 'Hobbit' Study Reveals an Island That Forced Humans to Shrink Twice


Years of vicious fighting and with hundreds of thousands of. People dead has Bashar our side, won the war in Syria he holds all the major cities and his forces have just retaken the province. Of DARA where the uprising began in two thousand and. Eleven he's Kurdish opponents have traveled to Damascus to begin negotiations so is the war over or is a new phase of the Syrian crisis about to begin in the north of. The country Turkey and the Kurds are eyeing each other warily although, the so called Islamic state has lost, most of its territory it. Is still able to wreak havoc so can peace be reestablished can Syria begin to rebuild? And how will it welcome home more. Than five million refugees that's the real story from the BBC Coming up after the news Hello I'm David. Harper with the BBC news the opposition movement for democratic change alliance in Zimbabwe says it does not recognize. The victory of the incumbent the incumbent Emmerson. Mnangagwa in Monday's presidential election Mr. Mnangagwa was installed following the coup which. Asked Robert Mugabe last year the MDC says it. Will launch a legal challenge it's leader Nelson Chamisa, one little. More than forty four percent Andrew Harding is in Harari Emerson mnangagwa's said he was humbled by the resultant urge Zimbabweans unite behind his presidency tweeting that this was a. New beginning for the, country he secured fifty point eight percent of the vote just. Enough to avoid a runoff but the opposition has questioned the remarkably high turnout and maintains that. The election has been stolen they've promised to take to the. Streets in huge numbers much now depends on whether they can prove that the figures are substantially out of step with credible independent tallies US counter intelligence investigators are Ported to have discovered a suspected. Russian spy working at the American embassy in Moscow the guardian newspaper says the woman came under suspicion two. Years ago Peter Bowes reports the Russian nationalist. Said by the guardian to have had access to internet and Email systems. Giving her a potential window into highly confidential material. Including the shadows of the president and the vice, president a. US government official has confirmed the woman was working for the secret service in Moscow and statement the US secret service said it recognized all foreign service nationals could be. Subjected to foreign intelligence, influence especially in Russia but he's not it they were never. Given or placed in a position to obtain national security information the US secretary of state Mike. Pompeo has met his Turkish counterpart in attempts to avert an. Estimating escalating diplomatic crisis gene Turkey and America the meeting was held on the sidelines of regional talks in Singapore the US has said It will freeze the property and US held assets, of two Turkish ministers in. Protest at the, detention of an American clergyman in Turkey Andrew Brinson faces terrorism charges and you study has suggested humans with short stature on the Indonesian island of Flora's evolve, independently fastened years apart scientists decoded the genes of the islands modern day pygmy population to. Find out if they might be partly descended from members of an. Extinct species which have come to be known as hobbits their fossilized remains were found fifteen years ago, Richard Green is, associate professor at the. University of California they are not related at all it turns out that the. Folks who live there now. Are short genetically for largely the same reason that elsewhere in the world would be short. Painted a pretty clear. Picture that this island favors short stature because it has driven hominids. To be small twice Well news from the. BBC defense officials in the United States say Iran's military. Has become a major naval exercise. In the Gulf the drills involve scores have small attack boats a spokesman for the US military central command said they were monitoring increased Iranian operations in. The Gulf and the straight of HAMAs the US is, due to impose new sanctions on Tehran on Monday The US department of, Justice has, told a court hearing that volunteers and activists should take the lead in locating the undocumented, migrants who have been separated from their children most of. The families split up under the controversial policy have been reunited following a court order but not all hundreds of parents have been deported while that children was, still in detention centers research scientists for the defense department say recently repatriated, remains of America's Korean war debt appear to be from the renowned. Battle of Chosin which took place in the, winter of nineteen fifty fifty five cents of the remains transferred from North Korea include written information about where they were found tens. Of thousands of Chinese and US troops were killed navy strategic reservoir An Australian, climate has been rescued from a maintain in New Zealand's southern Alps where he'd been. Trapped for several nights in sub. Zero conditions is believed to have dug a snow cave to stay alive I n ship is has the story the climber named his left and Terry heart had been. Trapped on mount aspiring since Tuesday when someone in the United States picked up the signal of, emergency beacon and called New Zealand rescue center a helicopter with four rescue workers manage to find, him on Thursday but weather conditions, made it, impossible to early him so two team state denied bringing much needed food and blankets a, break in the weather allowed you straighten climber to. Be. Taken to hospital on Friday a rescue worker said the man is lucky to be alive and probably wouldn't have lost his another night and that's the latest, BBC news Hello welcome to the real story. I'm.

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