Dodgers, Danny O'Connor and Trump discussed on Tennessee Matters


That angels manager Mike. Social will announce that he's stepping. Down at the? End, of the season this is. His nineteenth year in Anaheim. Not a good day for the halos held to three hits in a three. Nothing lost to the Cleveland Indians meanwhile a bad day for the dodgers to one delivery and that is drilled to left center failed and you can't kiss that goodbye Fsr affiliate k., b. m. e. and the Astros radio. Network with the call as Houston scored early and often in a fourteen nothing. Beating of the dodgers l. a. with, just three hits the worst home shutout loss for the team since nineteen twenty, three at UFC two twenty-seven t.. J., dillashaw retained his bantamweight belt with a first round, TKO of Cody Garbrandt Henry pseudo upset undefeated. Dimitrius Johnson for the flyweight type FOX News Radio I'm del Walter is a suicide bombing in Afghanistan kills three NATO soldiers a US soldier among the wounded the Taliban claiming responsibility in Ohio Democrats in the news media we're the. Targets of President Trump's Saturday night you gotta get out and You gotta, get out in. Pro you gotta, get out. Because they. Want to take, away what we've, given they, to, take away. The this I mean you see Pelosi. Who by the way again controls Danny O'Connor whoever the, hell that is Trump was campaigning for Republican Troy powder soon. Baltin faces democrat Danny O'Connor Tuesday polls show. The race a dead heat In essence An.

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