Ruthie Ann Miles 'Sang Like an Angel' in Stage Return After Daughter's Death and Losing Unborn Baby


And grab my arm lake and then try to flee from him to. Try to come at, me and tried, to grab me again twenty one year old Ling says she first. Spotted the man near the train station a few. Blocks from her home he tried to talk to her there and she walked away from him, WCBS CBS news time six eighteen Traffic and, weather together time happens every ten minutes on the aid Sears Andre pharaoh let me put on my handy dandy headphones right now and give you the report if you're travelling southbound van Wyk south. Of, the bell Parkway as you head into the terminals of JFK there's going. To, be some slow moving traffic in? There so you might have to budget in a little extra time if you're using the bell Parkway and get in with the JFK expressway that. Will do you a lot better you'll get right to the. Terminal without a hitch now if you're using. The Whitestone bridge Queens-bound very heavy with roadwork Eddie decided to do. Some, roadwork Lee in the overnight this morning so yeah so. You're dealing with delays heading into queens that's, going to be at the until eight AM Zoellick offer that as the morning progresses but lots of people wanting to get a jump start, on the beach is because it's going to be a nice day today, as you were talking about Bill Deger's talking about you as well Cheryl giving us all the things you, need to do on a hot day well how about going to the beach that's, a good one because it's nice. And cool down there and you're gonna see a lot of action on. The Whitestone and the frogs neck And the RFK so that construction is not going to help hopefully. They can wrap. That up at a there say they're saying they're going to do now if you're using the cross Bronx or Bruckner you're moving fine the George. Washington Bridge are per level roadwork is still out there it's causing some delays on the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway approaching the ramp of, George and underneath the apartments it's a. Little dicey but not too bad on the Harlem. River, drive the FDR's in good shape traveling through Manhattan and the, Lincoln and Holland tunnel you're actually fine our next traffic update in. Less than. Ten minutes on WCBS all right speaking of. The weather forget the beach you're more likely to find me locked in a walk in, freezer but I know some people really do enjoy hot weather lets get the weather rundown for meteorologist Bill Deger low pressure that brought us the rain is now well Tories high pressure building in. For, the next couple of days we'll warm us up in fact a heated. Visory, in effect from today through Monday? It'll feel like it's near a hundred this afternoon under bright sunshine high ninety of this Sunday or mid muggy mainly clear low seventy five tonight Tomorrow. Ninety three was suddenly they'll feel like it's they're a hundred again. In the afternoon and we're still hot Tuesday, up to ninety with partial sunshine Checking the temperatures right now seventy three in Benson Hurst. Garden city is at seventy four degrees it is seventy four, and sunny in central park WCBS news time six twenty months after she and. Her daughter we hit by driver as they walked in park slope actress Ruthie and, miles has returned to the stage at the Lincoln center theater Miles is in the revival of. The king and I are role, that won. Her a Tony award in two thousand fifteen miles was seven months. Pregnant when a driver hit her her four year. Old daughter Abigail and her friend Laurin Liu and her friends one year old son Joshua miles, and.

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