Wife of ex-Marine and war veteran opts to leave for Mexico ahead of deportation


And I feel bad for people who have to go to work every day it's getting to be old, hat now for a lot of Davila riders including Lydia on occasion sometimes they don't really follow the. Schedule there are changes. To that schedule this weekend especially if you're on the. Ronkonkoma branch where buses are replacing all trains. This weekend and every weekend this month between common hicksville to help them work on adding a second track in that area port Washington. Branch writers have trains every hour instead of every half hour to allow work on another project installing positive train control that'll. Hopefully have automatically slowed down or stopped trains if they're, speeding or run a red signal, more workers, scheduled on those two branches along with the Babylon and far Rockaway, branches this coming week l. double our officials say ridership. Expect widespread changes At Penn station. Steve burns WCBS NewsRadio, eight eighty the Trump administration is keeping up the pressure on North Korea CBS's. Jiang reports secretary of state Mike. Pompeo shifted the administration's message on North Korea acknowledging there was, still a ways to go to get. North Korea to denuclearize President Trump has said, the US was making significant progress at a security forum in Singapore today Pompeo shook hands with North Korea's foreign minister and delivered a letter from President Trump to chairman Ken Pompeo is warning Russia. And, China as well as other countries against helping North Korea violate international sanctions Pompeo says Washington will take, seriously any, action that. Reduces pressure on the north to abandon its nuclear. Weapons North Korea issued a statement slamming the US for demanding the enforcement of sanctions Harvey Weinstein's lawyers want the rape case against him tossed out in New York arguing, the grand, jury never saw Awesome evidence Salek Silverman reports Harvey Weinstein's lawyer Ben Braff men has made it known that his strategy is to claim Weinstein had a long-term consensual relationship with one of his accusers which. On its own he's not a. Defense against rape what in this court filing Brachman argues the. Grand jury should, have at least. Seen a series of emails between the two one. Message from less than a month after the alleged rape in twenty thirteen says. Miss you big guy the warm exchanges continue for years in two thousand seventeen the alleged victim, rights I love you always do, but I hate feeling like a booty call we asked them. In Hatton DA's office for comment on this latest filing and a spokesman declined to give one Alex Silverman. WCBS NewsRadio eight eight and the wife of a former marine has left the country instead of getting deported. Alejandra warez said goodbye to her husband and teenage daughter at Orlando airport yesterday. Where she got on a flight to Mexico more, from CBS's Adriana has been, in the country for twenty years She married marine veteran sergeant Tim o. Juarez a naturalized American citizen who served two years in combat in Iraq their.

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