Linde-Praxair $42 billion merger threatened by FTC demand


With tourists at least. Twelve people died when a quake hit the same island a week ago I'm Christopher cruise and I'm Susanna Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters of forty, two billion dollar merger to create what, would become the world's largest gas. Producer is facing an unexpected hurdle from the US antitrust regulator that could derail the deal the Federal. Trade Commission indicated, it wants, Germany's Lind and Danbury Connecticut-based Praxair to sell more assets before it approves, their, deal that's according to lend. It, today in a statement to the markets will ended noted a higher likelihood that the requirement May push total asset disposals to beyond what would be acceptable to it in the merger deal playing hardball. With China on trade is working that according to President Donald Trump last night in Ohio he told supporters at a rally. That China is looking at a dropping Chinese stock market as a result of tariffs and is quote talking to us Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing which makes. Chips for the iphone and other devices detailed it's progress in recovering from. A, computer virus in an E. Mail TSMC said that eighty percent of the fabrication tools affected. By a virus outbreak on Friday had been restored and that it expects full recovery tomorrow the Taiwanese company said the incident would delay, shipments and warned of reduced revenue ins meds long drug is to face FDA questions. This week. On safety, and efficacy, Bloomberg's Greg Jarrett reports in spreads Allah says a proposed treatment for adult patients with non tuberculosis. Myo 'Bacterial lung disease caused by Myo 'Bacterial Avium complex will face questions on the drug safety in relation to its effect on Tuesday the FDA panelists to discuss the drugs, clinical benefit evidence of its effectiveness, and safety Greg Jarrett Bloomberg radio global news twenty four hours a day on air hand picked up on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred Journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Susanna Palmer this. Is Bloomberg This, is Bloomberg opinion, on Bloomberg. Radio bring you news comments and insights from. Bloomberg opinions worldwide team of editors and columnists I'm June Grosso coming up on the show a look at the gerrymandering wars already underway. For the midterm elections also on the show how starbuck. Sees its future outside high-cost cities but first experts have long been warning.

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