Experts Weigh in on Planned FDA Drug Shortages


Pharmaceutical Industry consolidation means where once there were many manufacturers now there are few so our production interruption at. Any one plant CAD cascade into a serious shortage we need. More than, one or two factories and the country of our size to be producing some of these essential drugs you, might think that if one drug manufacturing company is having serious production problems it's an obvious. Opportunity for competitors but the industry says that's not the way it works here's Matthew. Coon with the global pharmaceutical giant percentages Kabi for, a company like Fresenius Kabi? To try and pick up? The production slack from another company is complicated sterile injectable drugs are complex manufacturing process to begin with and, then you have to increase production you're you're essentially you're competing, within your own factory for space and time still for Cineas copy says it's, trying to, help in the case of the injectable opioids we? Have, increased Production we have extended shifts we have added workers but one company is not going, to be able to completely fulfil all the market needs for for clinicians and. Their patients visor is one of those manufacturers that's had some production issues of late visor believes it's now got its problems. Resolved and in a statement to NPR said we recognize the importance of these, medications to patients and physicians and, are committed to resolving, these shortages as quickly as possible. So where's the federal government on all this on the one hand the DA is trying to get a grip on an opiate addiction and overdose crisis that is. Killing, thousands of Americans so the DA is trying to, control supply on the other hand the. Food, and Drug administration is getting an earful from thousands of doctors dozens of hospitals and. Last but not least sixteen US senators who wrote a stern letter demanding, the FDA do Something, about this drug shortage which the FDA would like to do if it could here's Valerie Thompson the associate director of the. FDA's drug shortages department I think once they? Remember is FDA doesn't, control how much manufacturers make and can't order manufacturer to make any product so it's really up to the market to. Decide which drugs to make and how much. The FDA is concentrating, on growing the number of suppliers searching an expediting approval of additional sources, which is no easy task, you can't exactly by sterile hydromorphone from the Keebler elves Wade, Goodwin NPR news. Dallas.

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