Best moments from the 'Breaking Bad' reunion at San Diego Comic-Con


Iraq has karaoke Hewitt's Kevin Biko life Nelson blues in San Diego for Comecon state of San Diego coming account account is what got alley in the same. Room as her all time number one crush Conan O'Brien. Last night We're gonna hear all about that coming up in about fifteen minutes or so I did notice there's an engagement, ring on ALI'S hand, today so I feel things went pretty well it looks like last night I o one, of the panels. That has, received the most attention this year so far was the tip anniversary, of breaking bad which by the way our friend Bill Burr moderated. That panel, huge is not a guest actor on. The show but a superfan in fact in introducing the panel with almost all of the cast in attendance he called it arguably the greatest show that's ever been on television I mean he put arguably in front of it. So I would agree with that because Top five easy right it's, a great show it's a great show there were two interesting things I've thought. That came out of it first of all everybody's been saying. Look we love better call Saul but. When arena c. Walter Jesse and some of the other characters on better call Saul Vince Gilligan creator of both says we will be sorely remiss if they, didn't appear on the, show before it ended but you will not be seeing either of them upcoming episodes which, is fine by. The way, I look better call Saul is great audits out the other thing, that I thought was interesting and I'd never seen the cast addressed. This before, as you guys have heard the Walking. Dead theory of breaking bad right now Run a, bias someone on the internet came up with the idea that the breaking bad show. In the Walking Dead take place in the same universe and, that it was. Waltz drug his product that caused the. Zombie outbreak oh I think. Is hilarious by the way that's dumb Vince Gilligan said well waltz dead Dow so I guess he could be zombie by agents are out there we should talk about that If Walter white showed up. On the Walking Dead is I would. Be pretty cool I would love it so much anyway it's weird after only five years off the. Air that there were, already looking back on the great it. Was breaking bad but it was pretty cool pedal yesterday? Did you see. As contest that they're having. For breaking that is funny this is a charity event and what you do is I guess you text a certain number and then you donate. Five bucks ten bucks or whatever it is, in, your you're in the drawing for an amazing price Aaron Paul starts this video. By explaining the? Contests and, how, you can win it what's up guys it's Aaron Paul and, I want you to? Come break bad with me bitch you heard that right it's..

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