Chinese newspaper dismisses report of Google's 'censored search engine'


Hello Neil Nunez with the BBC news in Zimbabwe supporters. Of president Emmerson, Mnangagwa and, his opposition rival Nelson Chamisa have been urged to wait in peace for the results of Monday's election appeals come after. Deadly street clashes from Harare Andrew Harding has this report Zimbabwe's army and the opposition both being blamed for the violence that erupted in Harare the government says MDC. Alliance protesters went on an unprovoked rampage burning cars and attacking buildings in order to disrupt the election before results being. Announced but the decision to. Send soldiers onto the streets is also. Being widely criticized the military showing little restraint as it swept through the. City attacking and shooting civilians the focus now returns does, symboblic electoral commission and whether or, not, it, will release the results of the presidential poll the opposition believes it's. Candidate Nelson Chamisa is being cheated of victory it's It's hard to imagine all sides will. Now accept the results President Trump has thanked the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un for allowing the. Remains, of American soldiers killed in the Korean war, to be returned to the United States Laura bicker is in Seoul Donald Trump's tweet comes just hours after the means of what's thought to be fifty five US servicemen killed during. The, Korean war where flew into Hawaii their return was part of a pledge made by Kim Jong and President. Trump when the, two leaders, met in Singapore in June the tweet also hints at further contact and another meeting as Mr. Trump thanked chairman Kim. For his letter and said he looked forward to seeing him soon earlier this week US intelligence suggesting North Korea was continuing to build nuclear weapons was leaked to. The media and has led to concerns that Pyongyang has no intention of giving up its weapons Mr. Trump's tweet suggests. These reports have not set. Back the current rapprochement between the two. Countries The United States is seeking the, extradition of two Ukrainian citizens arrested in Spain and Poland who are suspected of being part of a hacking group a. Third suspect is already in. The US Dave Lee reports defense seven group is said to have attacks more than. One hundred companies most were in the US but others were in. The UK Australia and France the hackers targeted point of sale systems stealing details. For fifteen million payment cards the group is understood, to still be active but US attorney net Hayes said hackers were plain wrong if, they thought they could hide behind, their keyboards in far away places these. Really defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has ordered another halt in fuel and gas shipments to Gaza he said the decision had been taken in view of what he called the continued Tara of incendiary. Balloons that have ignited hundreds of fires in Israel this is the latest world news from the ABC A Japanese newspaper, reports alleges that the Tokyo Medical University altered test, results female applicants to restrict the number of women. Students the Shimbun daily, said the manipulation of scores began in two thousand eleven after the percentage of female admissions increase to about forty. Percent it's against the discrimination aims to keep the percentage to about thirty on the basis that many female doctors quit when they married and had children A state owned newspaper in China has, dismissed American reports that Google is. Planning a return to the Chinese market with a censored version of its search engine Andrew would reports from. Hong, Kong a news, website the intercept was the first to report Google was planning a search engine, for mobile phones in China that would ignore controversial subjects and websites blacklisted. By Beijing the intercept said it had seen internal Google documents and had spoken to insiders but a state. Owned business newspaper the China Securities daily says what it called relevant, departments had denied that Google would be available in, China again eight years ago Beijing blocks Google searches. And Google closed its, operations on the mainland of China but people in Hong Kong can still use Google to search the web a. Study has suggested a link between abstinence from alcohol in middle age and developing dementia in later life the researchers found that those who are teetotal When they were fifty have a forty, five percent higher risk than those. Who drink moderately people who drink over the recommended limits are also at an increased risk the Canadian rap. Star, Drake is extra, release the official music video for his hit single in my feelings videos based, on the track have gone vowed and social media thousands around the world. Of attempted what's known as the KiKi challenge by jumping out of a moving car and dancing alongside it. There have been many injuries as a result Hello this is the thought show on the. BBC World Service with me Beth sake offensive and with me and the Bishop in today's program getting creative with statistics how, can we find a way to captivate entertain and inform people and we ask why female friendships a so vital in the lives. Women and girls from the highs to lows.

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