Deadly Ebola Strikes Anew in Congo, a Week After Previous Outbreak Was Extinguished


Today on the world. This is the BBC. News with Nick Kelly Turkey has strongly condemned the United States decision to impose sanctions on its Justice and interior ministers because of Ankara's continued detention of an American pastor Andrew. Brunson on terrorism charges the foreign ministry. Said Turkey would retaliate Mark. Lowen has more details it is unprecedented for the United States to hit a, NATO ally with sanctions but they now being applied to Turkey's Justice and interior ministers for what the US calls, serious human rights abuse both, they're accused of engineering the, imprisonment of Andrew Brunson an American pasta detains here in October two thousand sixteen on charges of supporting Kurdish militants and those blamed. For the failed coup he and the US government say, the allegations are baseless and that he's being held. By Turkey as leverage Donald Trump is urged his attorney general Jeff Sessions to put an immediate stop to the investigation into Russian into Affairs in the two thousand sixteen election he described the special counsel Robert Muller and. His. Team as a disgrace to the USA from Washington John Sopol there's nothing new about the president's frustration agitation and anger at the special counsel investigation into collusion between the Trump. Campaign and Moscow but this is the. First time in overt terms. That he's cooled on the attorney general to fire Robert Mueller the timing is, interesting too it's the first full day of the trial of his former campaign manager Paul Manafort who's accused of, failing to declare the extent, of his business connections with, pro-moscow Ukrainian politicians the UN has called for common Zimbabwe after soldiers opened fire to disperse opposition supporters alleging fraud in Monday's elections. Three people were killed in the violence in the capital, Harare the protests came after the electoral commission said. The governing Zanu PF have attained a two-thirds majority in parliament the result of the separate presidential election is yet Announced a spokesman for, the opposition MDC Nelson Chamisa uncle lake oh savannah blamed electoral Commissioner was that e c. For triggering today's violence which has conducted itself over the past few months and you're announcing of the election is. Out is irrational inflammatory and. Frankly dangerous this young people have borne the brunt of poverty and governors. For a long time and rightly and for challenge we condemn in the strongest sense the action was. Taken today there's no justification what so. Ever for the portability we experienced today hundreds of held a rally in, the Danish Carvel Copenhagen in protest against the law banning the. Wearing of Muslim face veils in public came into effect today it's supporters set will help Muslim women integrate. Into society but demonstrators say it targets religious minority You're listening to the world news, from the BBC World Health Organization started moving personnel and supplies to the area of the Democratic Republic of Congo affected by a new evola outbreak after. The, Congolese, authorities announced four. New cases though the organization's emotion see response, chief so the new outbreak in the northeast is, an active conflict zone and the major challenge will be to, make a safe. Assessment of the affected population last week a separate Ebola outbreak was declared ended in the northwest of the country South Korea has pledged to quicken the review of applications from. Asylum seekers while. Also boosting assistance for refugees so. They can live independently the comments from the Justice minister park Sangi were prompted by a petition submitted, to the presidential office seeking to. Scrap or of is the current refugee. Law parts of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka roping gridlock for, a fourth day by thousands of students Blockading. Key streets and intersections demanding government action to make the. Streets safer for pedestrians after two teenagers were killed on Sunday by one of two buses racing to pick up passengers protesters. Of stopped passes to check the drivers have valid licenses and the Cambridge University professor. Count Uber car whose British Iranian Kurdish origin was awarded a precipitous. International mathematics prize in Rio de Janeiro nowadays gold medal stolen after it was awarded Candice pitch, reports professor burqa said he'd alerted security staff when he realized his bag. Containing the fourteen carat metal had gone he said he'd left it on, the table at the convention center where the ceremony was held. It was later found minuses wallet and the medal the award had been given to professor Burke for his work on by rational geometry he's one of four, mathematicians under forty from around the world to.

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