Trump says Sessions should end special counsel investigation 'right now'


To you by, Howard air We're coming up on twelve o two. And one hundred one degrees in Phoenix new this afternoon the man accused of first degree murder in the death of Arizona department. Of public, safety trooper Tyler EDNA Hoffer last month is out of the hospital and is now in jail Isaac. King was transported to the mirror COPA county sheriff's, office jail to be booked in for the. Shooting death. Of the trooper police say king fought with several troopers before he pulled another trooper's gun and shot EDNA offer fatally hitting him. The Drapers feared world services will be on Friday and. There will be a public visitation tomorrow A deadly officer involved shooting in the. Valley last, night leaves one band dead and the key nine unit injured the incident happened near twenty seventh street. In baseline road Glendale police were searching for a, suspect who fled DRC custody back in February By city of Glendale police canine officer When I came over the wall shots were fired at, the Glenville officer by. The suspect sergeant John Roth was Glendale police. Says the suspect was shot and killed the canine was. Also shot but expected to be okay no further details is to why the twenty. Two year old suspect was behind bars a man is. Dead after a barricade situation in Tucson he was shot by police this morning after he came out of. A with two guns in his hands, no officers were hurt at Arizona band accused of subtle Yan addition to America's, deadliest mass shooter, as another status hearing in this case Douglas Haig of Mesa will be in, court once more on August twenty eighth. His trial has been postponed six times he's accused. Of conspiring to make and. Sell armor piercing ammunition to Stephen paddock Hake, says he sold the man tracer ammunition which lights up the path of fire bullets in October twenty seventeen paddock fired into the crowd at, a country music concert in Las Vegas killing fifty eight and wounding eight, hundred fifty one Kathy Klein. KTAR news had hoped to log on and download blueprints for three d. printer gun today forget, about it a federal. Judge has halted the distribution of the plan. The battle over the blueprints began in two thousand thirteen. When the founder of defense distributed invented the first pistol entirely created on a three. D. printer and then posted the design online the federal. Government called it illegal export of firearms but the courts later sided with defense distributed which claimed not second. Amendment protection of gun rights but I, haven't protection of speech that's ABC's Jim Ryan Arizona votes valley political expert says, Arizona will be, at the center of the political universe this fall right now democratic congresswoman Kirsten. Cinema has a four point lead over. Republican congresswoman Martha mcsally for Senator Jeff flake seed. In the latest ABC fifteen. OH predictive insights poll stand Barnes with copper, state consulting tells Arizona's morning news it's clear the balance of power in the Senate is at stake this November will be more money spent, on this US Senate seat than it's ever been Spent in Arizona history because of, that phenomenon it early voting for the twenty eighth. Primary elections is now underway Jeremy foster KTAR news as special counsel Robert Muller investigates Russian election, meddling and whether President Trump used Twitter to, intimidate, or, pressure attorney general. Jeff Sessions White House press secretary Sarah Sanders defended the president this morning. Had a tweet this, morning calling, on Torney general Jeff Sessions to end the Russia investigation it's not an order it's the president's opinion and it's ridiculous that all of the corruption and dishonesty that's gone on with the launching of the. Witch hunt the president wants to has watched this process play out. But he also wants to see it come to an end as he stated many times And we look forward to that happening in his, tweet this. Morning Trump called Robert Mueller's investigation Robert Muller's investigation rigged a federal appeals court ruled today that President Trump's, executive order about sanctuary cities is unconstitutional it was vile from President Trump cracking down on sanctuary cities but. His executive order in January twenty seventeen threatened to withhold funding from cities that limit cooperation with immigration authorities exceeded, the president's, authority by. Two to one vote the ninth US circuit court of appeals said that without congressional authorization the president cannot refuse to disperse federal. Grant money to achieve. A policy objective of, punishing cities that adopt so called sanctuary policies Aaron Katersky ABC news New York a couple of sports notes the. Coyotes will honor former captain Shane Don by retiree against, number nineteen jersey February twenty four ceremony will take place at Hilo river arena in Glendale When the, coyotes host the Winnipeg Jets don't spent his entire twenty one year National Hockey League career with the Jetson coyotes and will be the seventh player to have a. Number retired by the coyotes jets organization and the sports and entertainment, commission has announced that the late Arizona State University at cardinal star Pat Tillman as well as the Olympic gold medal swimmer Gary, Hall junior, former Arizona, Diamondbacks star. Mark grace there among those. Who have been elected to the twenty eighteen Arizona's sports hall of fame class, the induction. Ceremony will be held November first at the Scottsdale plaza resorts At twelve oh seven with traffic every. Six minutes. Here's Larry Lewis live from the valley Chevy dealers traffic Senator Bob we still have that crash on the two zero two Santan transition, ramp to northbound, one zero, one it's not. Locking, it is off right but right sleet and just a bit our, latest crash chest. And Glendale at just west of fifty Fifth Avenue also seventy Fifth Avenue at Grand's a crash.

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