Self-driving freighter out of the picture as Uber dumps truck to focus on cars


SE black I see melanin. Poppy SE, anything. He could think she's making up new, t-shirt names now I'm? Like okay This sisters are certainly appreciative. Of the financial reward but for them, success isn't in the money, it's in the message and is changed like other people feel about their sales. The spell like to do making sure other people, are happy because being. Comfortable with who you are crews beauty is only skin deep for CBS this morning Jamie Yuccas Los Angeles Facebook is reportedly ready to announce that it has. Found evidence of a coordinated effort to influence this November's midterm elections by using Vogel's accounts and Facebook pages the New York Times reports Facebook will go public with the information later today after telling members of congress about this over the last few days to officials received, that briefing told the times that Facebook was not, able to tie the latest activity to the. Russian operation accused of interfering in the, two thousand sixteen election but they. Said Facebook believes Russia is involved this time to newspaper. Report says, Facebook Found coordinated in authentic activity around divisive social issues including the sequel to the deadly white supremacist rally, in Charlottesville Virginia and left wing campaign to. Abolish the immigration and customs enforcement agency Onto the. MoneyWatch now Jason Brooks joins us from the KCBS super micro Intel money desk good morning Jason good morning Rebecca the tech sector rebounding today that's. Good news for the overall stock market the Dow's up one hundred sixty six points at twenty, five thousand four. Hundred seventy three NASDAQ gaining fifty five points to seventy. Six eighty five and the s&p is up seventeen. Points at twenty eight twenty Facebook shares up one percent Twitter gaining two percent both companies have beaten down over the prior three sessions Uber, self driving truck business has hit a dead end tech crunch reports that. The company shutting that business down one that sparked a legal battle with Google after Uber bought self driving trucks, startup auto for six hundred eighty million dollars who's co founder Anthony Levin doffs ski was later fired, by Uber for Google's accusations that he, took trade secrets with him from his time working, at Google Uber will instead focus on self driving cars while, also, continuing its Uber freight business which could ex truck drivers with shipping The San Francisco firm recently reintroduced it self driving cars. On public roads in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania although they have to be manually driven. By humans, self. Driving tests, spur. Suspended after a fatal crash. Involving a pedestrian in Arizona in March on. The MoneyWatch Jason Brooks KCBS central alarm.

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