CBS board to launch independent investigation on CEO Les Moonves


Spots of rain early on. Otherwise mostly cloudy with a low of seventy tonight tomorrow mainly cloudy and more. Humid with a shower thunderstorm around a high near eighty down to a low of seventy two tomorrow night same conditions did Ditto. On Wednesday mostly cloudy warm and humid couple of showers and thunderstorms a high, of eighty five degrees and then even. On Thursday clouds some sunny breaks quite, warm and humid along with some showers and a thunderstorm especially in the. Afternoon a high of eighty seven, sounds like, last week, done, and then. It got really nice on Friday and Saturday wasn't bad a little rain and then Sunday was just. Amazing yesterday anyway right, now seventy five degrees going down to seventy tonight good afternoon I'm Larry Mullins wins news time. At the tone five. Thirty Good afternoon. I'm, Laurie Nadan CEO les. Moonves says. CBS will remain in his position for now correspondent Aaron. Katersky has more yes declined. To take any immediate action against list moon vase following the publication of sexual misconduct allegations by six women in the, New Yorker the board had considered whether moon finished good continue to. Run, the company while it investigates the claims a statement, from CBS said the board is in the process of selecting outside counsel to conduct the investigation the statement made sure to include. That no other action was taken, on this, matter the women, told the New Yorker that Munez sexually harassed and in some. Cases assaulted them and retaliated when, they rebuffed his moves wins news time five thirty one from the ram trucks, traffic center with expanded. Traffic for your commute. Here is Greg rice Lori let's go to Brooklyn westbound beach we right after white avenue and route, to Tillery street. We're looking at a wreck two lanes are, knocked out and we've got a mess from queens boulevard. All the. Way on down the eastbound sides a rough ride from Tillery Street getting up to. The shoes go bridge east side of Manhattan plenty accompanied is not, the kind you'd like, you're all jammed. Up from the thirties up. To the ninety s again, from the. One forties. To George west side highway extend out too much better ride out to the g WBZ. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels the inbound George does. Well to the upper and lower over the Lincoln tunnel it's about twenty five, in twenty out Holland ten still thirty minutes, out hit hard in Holland because of that earlier wreck. Here's what we see on long island's big three it's getting worse westbound on the northern state park with. A leak road eastbound still slow all. The way out through Melville eastbound Long Island. Expressway it's a crawl at a queens all the way to bag a toll road at a slow go southern day westbound from east Farmingdale to, eagle avenue eastbound from Baldwin road getting back towards route one ten in New Jersey. To eighty seven southbound. One, hour that's what it's. Gonna cost. You to get from Moorestown all the way to Burnsville. That's because of emergency repair. Work has been out there, all day knocking out two lanes Garden State Parkway we're looking at a wreck southbound signing, rings at one twenty four We've got two lanes knocked out of service I'm Greg rice on ten ten wins wins news time five. Thirty two now your official ten ten wins AccuWeather four day forecast with a. Live report here's meteorologist John Feerick out there. Early on tonight especially it looks like over the jersey shore and eastern Long. Island there's some rain working in, across, Pennsylvania from. The west but should continue to weaken before it moves into jersey maybe. There's a little bit of rain over western New Jersey we'll definitely keep. An eye on it mostly cloudy tonight down to seventy or humid tomorrow shower thunderstorm around the, high near eighty Orman sticky tomorrow night a shower thunderstorm, early on low seventy, two warm and humid Wednesday a few showers and a thunderstorm round eighty five looks. Like showers and storms most likely Wednesday North of west of the city and Thursday. And Friday warm and humid again we'll stay at settled some showers, and a thunderstorm Thursday, eighty-seven Fridays high. Eighty five right now in. Central park seventy-five mostly cloudy going out Seventy in mid town I'm AccuWeather meteorologist John Feerick and New York's weather station ten, ten win the temperature now eighty degrees in Hackensack at seventy, seven, on Staten Island eighty at the acne Yonkers sponsored by acme savings all summer wins news time five thirty three President Trump says he would meet with, Iranian president Hassan. Ruini, if we could work something out that's meaningful not the waste of paper that the other deal was I would certainly. Be willing to me Do you have preconditions for that meeting preconditions now they want to meet on me he made his comments during joint news conference with Italy's leader in Washington this afternoon. The Trump administration withdrew from the landmark nuclear accord with Iran and. Nay saying it was too generous four Iran.

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