Dixons Carphone says 10 million more customers could have been hit by cyber attack


Fun with him yesterday The head of the f. t. this is he tweeted sake if anyone is earned device, to make verbal slips. And introducing other people it surely Jeremy hunt. I love the way that you said that so carefully Very slowly I'd also it was a brilliant opportunity for lots of people to we used to Diffic- job just. Before the. Olympics everybody was he was, charged ring a hand bell in the bell flew off. If you haven't seen it look it up on YouTube is able bring you joy Let's bring joy and that's the removal men have arrived, at Boris Johnson's official residence leave finally does mean leave two weeks after j after Boris Johnson quit the, cabinet the movement cabin, yesterday packed of all of his stuff from. Colin goddesses shipped out. Which is. Probably just as well for, job hunt because if his wife is a very happy Some can go when he gets back from China I love it thank you very much indeed That's virtually editor the types of books, to, sign up to brilliant morning emails, there dude you. Look at that footage of that's that bell let me bring you back in on. That story about the dropping of that speech the message in that speech that that. Doesn't play well with with perhaps floating voters you do think the Tories all graduated thing about burning justices of inequality that. Doesn't say much for the conservative party's? Image does it matter what does. That mean he's executive editor of conservative him you represent? Grassroots to remember here is who was it who who laid out famously the reputational problem. Of the conservative party as the nasty. Party it was Theresa May fifteen years ago now, when she was chairwoman of the conservative party, she stood up a Tory conference, and said people think whether the nasty party she knew they have this policy had this problem where if, you give people a list of ten ideas they say they like. Them, and then you give them the same listen they say that Tori ideas and they go off. Them and they know there's a reputational problem she. Had the opportunity. To dig into these. Issues Show action show she'd done something. To do it she had to get Briggs it right I and I think a. Lot of voters know that she doesn't bought the right to get her agenda so there's no progress okay thank you very. Much that isn't breaking news for you? Dixons carphone warehouse of just a. Confirmed that a ten million records of personal data were? Hacks in twenty seventeen they said they found no evidence of any fraud twenty seven hundred. Ten million records of customers with Dixons. Carphone warehouse that we didn't exactly which data what, data was she access to what percentage of, their customers that will mean but, as a hell of a lot of personal data that's been hockey pep state developments that let's say to, turn turnout issues to the sport Ben fetches here good morning to. Julia, how are we very well people there's no torture fraud says no World Cup is a Wimbledon. Is that there is Josiah marina actually talk about Manage a mandate on. On the back of the sun today he's going a little bit stir crazy and Old Trafford it would seem I this is the difficult fat variant, Manchester NAS it historically Josie deliver something in the first season nil lead of? Something in the second and third he's self destructs and guess act that's historically what happened Chelsea twice and, several other clubs in Europe I'm the, the Manchester not. Implies now saying that. His attitude his demeanor on the? Tour of the US has been quite difficult to have to work with that then no enjoying working with him Egomaniac Quite Langley egomania because he's very open about charming, egomania but it. Is I'm I'm a big fan always have, been but now reaching a point where I just think I'm getting a little bit tired of the. Act I talk sport Reina Paul, yesterday how much longer do you think? Choice I'm. Rena we'd be Manchester United. Manager I fifty people think it'll be gone before. Christmas so so. Season..

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