Bill Gates backs $30 million push for early Alzheimer's diagnostics


Tessa are you ready to play From palmdale ASA Palmdale what the hell? Is that I know what the hell is that we're listening to Tessa. From Palmdale are you ready to play Oh? No not listening listening on her phone she's not listening to this radio. Station's that seemed to me Shall we continue. With the news I try them wartime. Wartime Tessa from Palmdale Asa I don't know what to do need some. Guidance let's go with another story while we're getting, guidance getting some, guidance the Pentagon wants to bring mind control technology to our troops that events. Departments research arm is working on a project that would connect human operators brains to the systems that they're controlling and vice. Versa It sounds exactly what Elon Musk is about. Though they're doing stuff like that with artificial limbs and things right yeah yeah you're right so it makes sense to me Oh if. You're a drone? Pilot why not just connect the drone to your brain yeah ooh. Maybe they can do it by where the eyes are, moving? And, things, like that. Or who knows God only knows The idea of humans controlling machines with their minds has spun. Off sci-fi blockbusters? Like Pacific rim But it's apparently reality they, still the you know the. Likes of Elon. Musk or not. So much worried about human brains controlling drones and vice versa it's the drones that's the part Both directions the feedback would be the, next generation non-surgical neuro. Technology or end, three as, it's now and if there's any possibility of a artificial intelligence really spinning, off on its own and. Concluding that humans. Are not worthwhile I know Lauren you feel deeply the humans are not worthwhile so now I know sooner given Oregon to a dog. Or cat God now I you know I know Okay let's, keep going Dr. Drew. Its midday live Speaking of billionaires end technology Bill Gates and a group of investors. Are backing, a thirty, dollars excuse me thirty dollars. Thirty million dollar venture. Philanthropy fund to tackle Alzheimer's Bill Gates wants to take. On Alzheimer's so along with a group of philanthropists he's sinking thirty million into diagnostics. Accelerator, venture philanthropy fund to develop early diagnostic procedures and bring them. To market, quickly I hate to say it thirty million's, not going to go very far for research yeah they're going to have to be seed for. Some, big. Money he says we need a, better way of diagnosing Alzheimer's simple. Blood test or an eye exam before. We're able to slow the, progression of the disease true true make him just work on diagnostic. Begin just, work on diagnostic issues that would be a significant move forward All right shall we play, the music again Steve let's get. To it I think we got testified Ones Rename, wrong signed to. Play what the hell is that Tessa ready to? Play are you guys doing your names Tessa from? Lom is that your name Well Tests for from Palmdale tests for all. Right here we. Go here's the crazy. Sound All right let's play it one more time quiet everybody. Here is the. Crazy Sowell more.

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