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Story. This hour A marine who had just become a dad dying tragically Friday night after a head on collision on the Cape WBZ's Bill Marcus has more thirty two year old Kevin quiff mashpee was on. His way home from seeing his wife and newborn baby girl early Saturday morning. When a twenty two year Old Trafford struck his SUV had on the driver of the other. Car was pronounced dead at the scene Quinn was taken the south shore, hospital where he later died the veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan was a founder of an excavation and septa company barnstable police are investigating a gofundme page was set, up for the family and it says the twenty two year old. At the time was being pursued by police, Bill Marcus WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty eight people are injured in New Hampshire after thunder storms knocked appear. Of trees into a building in strafford last night, two of the eight head more serious injuries but all were expected. To recover. The storm. Knocked out power, to about three thousand homes and. Businesses most We're back on by this. Morning President Trump says he is willing to shut down the government. If he doesn't get his way I'm. Tom Foty insisting we need people he calls. Great people coming into our country President Trump sent out a couple of immigration, related tweets from. His New, Jersey luxury golfers award in one he charged that many illegal immigrants are just using children for what. He calls their own sinister purposes in another. Mr. Trump threatens our government shutdown if Democrats don't, supply votes to provide border security, which he, insists includes, the. Wall Tom Foty CBS news Washington there were reports last week that Russians had attempted to hack the computer system of democratic Senator Claire mccaskill of Missouri along with two other unidentified prominent Democrats today, Republican Senator James Langford of Oklahoma a member of the intelligence committee said on ABC news that all Americans should be worried about Russian efforts to attack computer. Systems ahead of the midterm elections he said it shows that the. Kremlin is still intent on disrupting American democracy misinformation is one side of it then. Hacking, into computers as they did for the DNC hacking into state election systems that's a separate group. Within the Russian government but both of. Them are actively still at work you said. Russian election interference must not become a partisan issue he said both parties are, equally affected by. It President, Trump meets with the enemy after calling the media the enemy of the people the president sits down. With the publisher of the New York Times. Trump tweeted that he had a very good and, interesting meeting with AJ Salzburger the, New York, Times tells, the. Washington Post that sells burger did meet with the president it had been off the record until the president's tweet he says he told the president that his referring to the press as the enemy, of the people was inflammatory dangerous and could lead to violence some folks in the midwest are told don't drink the water.

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