Tour de France all but won by Brit Geraint Thomas


Able to figure out a lot, of information about, where they are which they they're in and how are they, are being impacted seventeen states across the country have joined Washington in suing the government over its immigration practices for NPR news. I'm Ana Boyko Iraq in Seattle today is. NASA sixtieth anniversary President Eisenhower signed the. National Aeronautics and Space act on this day in nineteen fifty eight four years later president Kennedy called for NASA's famous mission to the moon which was, accomplished seven, years later, in July nineteen sixty nine all its left and cycling's tour de Frances today's largely ceremonial ride to the finish. Line, in Paris a Welsh rider garren Thomas all but sealed his victory yesterday holding, onto the leader's yellow jersey after the time trial and Francis Basque country barring a crash, in the procession Thomas is set to become the third British writer to win, the tour after Bradley Wiggins and Christopher from I'm Joel Snyder. And this is NPR news from Washington Support for.

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