Barclays Center Will Ban Plastic Straws By End Of Year


See what comes up This is a Yeah that's me what picture they. Got up there Download and subscribe at apple podcast Google play and the Westwood. One, podcast app from the Westwood One podcast network At least fourteen people have died. After a magnitude six point four earthquake hit Indonesia's Lombok island early this morning a bigger arena is banning straws New York's Barclay center home to, the NBA's nets in the NHL islanders. Announces that they will. Eliminate drinking straws by the end of the year do their poor effects on the environment BSE. Global who operates the arena says this will divert almost four million straws a year from going. To the dumps the New York City council is considering legislation that would ban. Single use plastic straws and stirs I'm Tim show vers and this is. Major league baseball hall of fame, weekend the induction ceremony. Is set, for later, this afternoon in, Cooperstown New, York, among, those going into the hall. The Braves. Chipper Jones Vladimir Guerrero Jim Thome and Trevor Hoffman I'm Christopher cruise SF oh. Traffic good morning well. It is all about obstructions on your roadway and we, do, have some roadwork and just a heads up the NHRA at raceway happening today, and expect some hefty delays making. Your way to, that event some roadwork five eighty. Westbound at Bayview avenue closing all your lanes down and then twelve eastbound at Abernathy moving through Fairfield looks like all lanes are going to be, closed until midnight tonight also eighty westbound. At Columbus Parkway that. Obstruction is off to the shoulder so that's some good news but it looks like we have. Another obstruction on your this is four westbound just west of lone tree way bypass and then. We have reports of a stalled out vehicle but the good news that is. Off to the center divider and it's not really creating a delay on. Your roadway this is one zero, one southbound just north. Of Coyote creek golf drive with hey, SF SFO try Traffic. I'm Katherine whole tree. You're listening to Bob damn in the garden on talk, radio, five sixty ks Okay let's hear further garden with Bob Canham and this is the time of the. Program. Where, eighty. Comes on, and shake, tells. You all the wonderful things going on in the bay area welcome thanks daddy all. Right good morning everybody. Here we go with all of the events that I've got, written down here Let's see fall and winter vegetables talking about that earlier UCSD gardeners and. Napa county. Invite the community to join them for a public guarding. Workshop fall and. Winter vegetables this, workshop will be held on August eighteenth two thousand eighteen from nine thirty until eleven. Thirty and this is at the UCSE meeting. Room at seventeen ten Cisco avenue and Napa create your own garden to table movement growing vegetables. There's a fight alleged, charge per, person, for, this, workshop registration is preferred. Seating. Is limited so so you would like to make sure.

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