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White Sox host Toronto tonight the pre-game with eighty maser six thirty five first pitch seven ten with that farmer and Darren, Jackson on seven twenty WGN the cubs are. Insane Louis tonight but they've, made their trades official they get Cole hamels and cash. From the Rangers for Eddie Butler minor league. Pitcher Rollie Lacey and a player to be. Named WGN traffic Padre medic thanks Cam, traffic is sponsored by KFC sale no delays on the Edens between like, road and the junction inbound Kennedy's forty five minutes to downtown thirty minutes back out the Eisenhower's fifty minutes three ninety, to the old. Post, office thirty minutes on the flip little to no delays on the, Stevenson at twenty seven minutes, between lake shore drive and three fifty five and the Dan. Ryan is twenty, five. Minutes ninety fifth to the circle just sixteen minutes. Outbound there's, also a. Bunch of things. Going on around town to steer clear of the yesterday. Del Sol in Pilsen. Is shutting. Down cirmac between Morgan and. Ashland and the taste of Lincoln is. Gonna be. Closing down Lincoln park Lincoln. Avenue between fourteen and Wrightwood so you might want..

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