Veteran shot by cops in own home may not have heard commands to drop gun


Tomorrow eighty six so slightly cooler in some areas and there will be a better chance for some thunderstorms as we head towards Friday afternoon and evening temperatures are back to the nineties this weekend with an isolated chance for some storms on Saturday from CBS four. I'm meteorologist Lauren Whitney on. KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM right now partly. Cloudy skies ninety degrees in Broomfield Aurora police chief Nick met says his officers told a homeowner five times to drop his gun before they shot and killed him Monday. Morning Richard Gary black adjust shot and killed an intruder who attacked. His grandson in his, home when officers came in chief met says black may not have heard the command. Unfortunately one of the things, that the family shared with. Us today was that Mr. black Hetty significant hearing impairment that he received. From his service in the, military bet says it was a Chaotic scene child told officers that the intruder Dijon Harper at. Attacked him the off the child, was screaming that the suspect Mr. Harper was the one that assaulted him and gave pretty graphic details. At that immediate time of what had just happened to him chief met says the family has asked that the. Police body camera. Video not be released a Lakewood motorcycle cop is in the hospital after he was in, a three vehicle accident at colefax advance. Today commander Reeves says the officer is in serious condition one other person was hospitalized from one of the other vehicles we've says, motorists, have to, be extra vigilant around motorcycles ability is little motorcycles are typically smaller than. Cars some motorists really have to be, aware of any any kind of motorists. Are, motorcycles around them and as you heard Erin tell us colefax 'em Wadsworth has been a colefax rather from Wadsworth to Taylor has been reopened it was closed for several hours as they Investigated a top forensic experts says remains turned over by North Korea are consistent with being. Americans Dr John Byrd told reporters at the Pentagon today that. The bones appear to be from the Korean war and its first to Friday weekend the Santa Fe neighborhood is a hot spot for its numerous galleries and exhibits tomorrow will be huge. Food trucks galore, rolling in for a multi block food booze and music party this will. Be happening. Near west eighth avenue in Santa Fe it's officially football season the NFL hall of fame game is underway in canton, Ohio between the bears and the..

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