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Google Glass may help kids with autism read facial expressions


Let's check. Your evening commute at seven forty eight year Sherry and we're watching, the right out of San Francisco, to the, bay bridge and it's just as fun as, it usually is northbound one zero one wait begins a little past Cesar Chavez, now very slow out onto the lower deck, now we've got a little bit of slowing. As you come out of the tunnel down the, decline section the shore. Freeways cleared out nicely there's a slow stretch remaining as you, head up past hilltop drive to Pinole valley, road but that's starting to pick up. Speed as, well it looks like we're still, dealing with that roadblock there in Dublin eastbound five. Eighty at hop yard big rig, taking up the right hand lane has traffic. Slow all the way back to, Castro valley right now on the alternate courses, probably kept some cars off the Altima too but it's it's. Recovering nicely from the commute, it slows at north Flynn on eastbound five eighty but not super slow and by the time you get, two to five year Moving almost at the limit, snow grade ride really slow northbound six eighty through Fremont a little. Bit better but still jammed up solid all the. Way out to highway eighty four your. Next, traffic update at seven fifty eight on the traffic leader KCBS and we get this KCBS six day, forecast from KPI x five's Brian. Hackney more sunshine on tap inland for the bay area and slightly warmer temperatures for Friday, long the bay shoreline it'll be mild seventy seven. At San Mateo union city seventy six in the East Bay tomorrow, ninety two for concord eighty-five Benicia, Fairfield ninety, three and in San Ramon Eighty-six north bay, low clouds near the shoreline but in Petaluma Eighty-six degrees and up around the, fire zone you Kaya and lake port both, ninety five little bit cooler this weekend and. Then next week we'll be back into the mid, to upper nineties inland. That specs week for KPI x five I'm Brian acne KCBS news time seven fifty Stanford researchers are working, on a way to help children with autism understand and respond to other. People's facial expressions KCBS gentlemen reports it involves the wearable computer Google glass and a smartphone app the first kids to try it out, called it. Their superpower the camera facing out sends images of the other person's face to the app and, the tiny screen. Facing in displaced a description for the wearer to read, like happy surprise or sad Dennis wall is associate professor of pediatrics psychiatry and biomedical data sciences at Stanford he says what kids, in the feasability phase of, autism glass have learned is twofold they're learning something cool about. Faces in they're learning how, to differentiate which emotions are being displayed in. The state they also showed improvement in social responsiveness but well cautions there was no control group against which researchers could. Compare those scores Bottom line we see that the kids take well to it they are getting better and. Either encouraging science. But more work must be, done before we can definitively conclude. At the devices intervening the way we hope it, will the, autism glass, project at, Stanford is recruiting families to help advance this research gentleman KCBS wine industry leaders and cannabis growers say they are both in the buzz business so why not hook. Up KCBS is Jeffrey Schaub reports some of the largest beverage companies in America. Are purchasing, large scale marijuana growers and many in the cannabis business are also growing. Wine grapes George gray for.

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