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At the Pasadena convention. Center What's the catch Get out some always wanted. To. Eat lucky okay Jason Nathanson post a. Really good question did elf ever? Eat a cat No he tried many times to eat cats on the show like you would there were always these great funny. Scenes where he'd be sitting at. The. Table with two pieces of bread and. It'd be looking at the cat Any pick the cat lucky up and he'd put him in between the two Or he he opened his. Mouth. And try to try to eat lucky said. But then he'd, always stop yes if you want to, see an alien, alien but I mean if you want to see a creature eat a cat you have to go see that shape of water movie Well this weekend is the comic con of cats you can't bring your. Own cat that you can. Come dressed up as cats apparently people come dressed like. In cat costumes with capes like, cats superheroes there's all this catch wag and then the Pasadena humane societies, like the adoption ambassador so they'll bring lake lake there like every other shelter in LA county they are just so overcrowded so they're going to bring all of their cats, there so you can. Adopt a cat get catch wag or just go cat crazy at cat con in Pasadena and there's actually a very good reason. You might want to do it, that we will talk. About right, after this break as handle on the news continues KFI AM six forty. Jennifer Jones Lee you have some news now some ready made salads, and wraps are being recalled. Because. The lettuce might be contaminated with hair ascites. The food was, sold at stores like trader Joe's Walgreens, and Kroger we, got a complete list from the USDA add KFI AM Six forty dot. Com China's called on America to stay level headed and correct its attitude. On tariffs the US trade. Representative announced yesterday, it was considering a tariff rate of twenty. Five percent instead of ten percent for two hundred billion dollars of Chinese goods. And pope Francis has changed the Roman Catholic churches position on the, death. Penalty the pope says capital punishment is always inadmissible because attacks human dignity we'll take. A look at your commute with the KFI in the sky in the. Five next Los Angeles chargers. Fans the team is working out at training camp every. Week there August twenty third and, you can see everyone up close and personal Jack Hamid sports complex in, Costa Mesa and it's absolutely free get up close and personal to Philip rivers and Joey Bosa Derwin James and the Melvin Ingram and Gordon join us in the high five, zone welcome players to. The practice field you can meet and take pictures with your favorite chargers girls chargers fans zone interactive games for all ages visit. Chargers dot com backslash camp and, click on training camp. For more, information after an accident people are emotional and confused so what What happens when people call Turney. Sweet James bergener John James juries will always. Pick up the phone even if it's two AM a lot. Of times people are hurt and in pain and they don't know what to do so even if it's a minor..

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