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To change nine hundred thousand, dollars an income to alone to reduce. Manafort's, tax burden AP's Chad, Dave reports. Federal prosecutors are building their case against President Trump's former, campaign chairman prosecutors are kind of setting up setting the table. For what we, expect to hear next week which is the testimony of Rick gates now gates is mayor Ford's longtime deputy he also was a senior. Member of the Trump. Campaign and he also pleaded guilty earlier this year to felony charges in this case Manafort. Is on trial and charges of Bank fraud and tax evasion that could put him in prison for the rest of his. Life one suspect is data. Second, has serious injuries following a shootout with police near an elementary school in a tumble Iowa police responding to this afternoon's reported people with. Guns near the school got into an exchange of. Gunfire with four people one was killed another one Wounded the, third arrested a fourth is still on the run I'm Tim. Maguire Google said, to be working on a mobile version of its search engine that will comply with strict censorship controls in China several media outlets say. The work's been going. On since the spring of twenty seventeen and was stepped up in December the intercept says, Google created a custom Android app that will automatically filter out sites blocked by China's so-called great firewall Google did not respond. To a request. For comment Nastas assigned astronauts to. SpaceX and Boeing test flights the. Five astronauts will ride the first commercial capsules into orbit next, year and bring human launches back to the US SpaceX and Boeing are planning for test flights. Of their capsules to the international space station by the end of this year or early next the first crews are expected to fly from Cape Canaveral Florida by next spring or summer Boeing's first. Star liner cruel, include former NASA astronaut Chris Ferguson who. Commanded the last. Shuttle flight in twenty eleven and is now a Boeing employee the four other commercial crew members are still with naphtha Rosie. O'Donnell and cast members from some of Broadway's biggest musicals plan to protest outside the White House Monday the group plans. To serenade President, Trump with songs like the people song from Les Miserables idols and clay jugs shelved behind a false. Wall in their Quincy home contractor uncovered the hidden Compartment while working in the basement. In July after the couple had moved in from Connecticut some of the fifty six bottles still contain. Liquid the Sutherland says appears to include beer and moonshine and, that now give off of vinegary smell the head of the Quincy historical society says it's still. Too, soon to know how long the bottles were hidden Quincy banned alcohol sales in eighteen eighty amid the temperance movement the house was built in one thousand nine hundred ten Starlight lounge presents Progressive box oh, what a great audience Tim.

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