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I? Don't know what am I saying I prefer. To. Laos is what you're saying okay then I'm outta here All right Oh wow. Got up sounds like a new show on, a Andy like celebrating. Amazing chihuahuas chihua-. Disney show She's got these laws dogs today He's got these. Two small dogs that are Mexican Yeah. Shut up so anyway she's got these dogs yeah and when she goes, to like the drive thru if she goes through, she gets them like a cheeseburger. And feeds them, and, she does this with. Regularity she's been told look. The dogs are fat you gotta knock it off you got to. Quit doing this and she. Just can't help herself she's keeps feeding the dogs When, you were in the. Hospital a few years ago. I know with the heart attack yes I spent quite a bit. Of time with your mom This topic came up several times the dogs and the cheeseburgers yes she ends it mom is such a, sweet person he's very very kind person yeah and it, was like tearing? Her. Up, because she would say if but if? I come home without anything, I could just tell they're so. Disappointed and I'm like you know what yeah gosh I? What, do I do right. Now. We're sitting in a hospital your son is cleaning the life am I going to be the truth teller right now no stop feeding your dog cheeseburger. I know she's been told. One hundred on this must much must be very common. Because my mom does the same thing should feeds the. Dog cheeseburger he gets her dog cheeseburger whenever she goes through the draft whitewater. Burger or whatever there's one time I was working at a. Restaurant Houston I was still living with with with her and I, came home on weekends I would work twelve hour days at work, a, double shift so I get home after a long day, working at a restaurant and I, see. There's a burger on the counter and I'm thinking oh Cool she got me a burger she went to Burger King or something and so I start to wrap it and I'm. Putting it on a plate. Mom comes around the corner ended kitchen and says oh. That's for Carter the dog the dog and I said. You guys did you get me anything oh no I figured you would have. Gotten something at work I told you I'm not eating at. The restaurant anymore I just thought you got me this cheeseburger no. That's for the dog and I said well can I just have, it No. It, was worse than a. No it was, you, can split it with him Ooh. You, can split the cheeseburger with. The, freaking dog. Right I know what you mean I understand and she said the, same thing, that you said your mom she. Said, look I've already promised in the cheeseburgers cheeseburgers his. He's? Going to be really disappointed What Oh my Tell. Her that I know, they know. I, know But you know and I, told her I mean. People have told her you you. Can't do this you. Can't keep eating. These dogs dogs are. Gonna explode Okay so what can. You do nothing get In this case a parent. Or someone else to stop feeding their. Pet so they don't die in early death I know when I take her to, someone, have a story that they can say hey this is how did I stop this with this relative or whatever short of. The. Dog having a grabber I? Don't know One eight, eight eight eight zero six four NBC. Just curious when I. Take her to lunch though, and? She'll like well, I'll just no no no no eat it or don't. Eat it but don't take it home. To the dogs they don't need anymore bacon could you suggest something different something from, the, light menu option or hey let's get them instead of the cheeseburger we'll get the dog the grilled chicken. Lettuce wrap right Well they don't like. Grilled chicken lettuce wraps well now of course they don't say like cheeseburgers, we're gonna we're gonna order from the. Power Cantina menu now. At Taco Bell healthier options, see You know my dad God bless him great guy yes you. Guys both know my dad I do I had him watch our dog when we were, on vacation one time and she had. Some, other issues going on at, the time. From, something, else she had eaten that she, was, not supposed. To not that it was fed to her but that she ate, from somewhere. Else Think that's when she got a hold of the mouse, poison anyway keys but it was like. Hey can't have any table, food, nothing, it's here, it is, seriously because I. Know you're. Gonna, wanna feed the dog from the, table can't. Do it please okay I won't promise you we come pick dog up and he told me like I'm guessing the three different times and I didn't. Feed or anything from the table I wanted to but I didn't about the third time, I was kind of like well God Yeah but for, some, people it's like torturous not to feed the pet from the same food they're eating given out by, she just she's going to do it. And you know that's the, repercussions, of Diabetic dogs, or whatever happens here I mean do we have a go at. Least they can't they can't. Even get in and out of the house through the, dog door you know Yeah I've seen those. Little puffs, sweet dogs but the big? They're nice dogs dogs. Are nice I know they're very yeah but she just more like just football's. With legs They're kind of like Chester whites Like the what they got. The same kind of course hair you know how, the hair is, on, those. Things which are wa wa shut I'm not gonna live, this down no, you're, not The. New, t shirt Whatever they are My fault. Their. Mexican dogs right didn't? You, say that yes they are. Mexican understand that I just never heard, them called Chihuahua Wow okay That. Makes sense we do have an update on the gator boy when a guy who ran into the corner store. In. Florida yes who had the gator under his arm dates about get to that next on the Mark Levin. Camp. Show Now Now the three big things you need to know three three witnesses say they saw mother of four year old genera Daniels carried the young girl into Hillsborough river in Tampa and leave her there to. Drown the woman suspect is being charged with first degree, felony, murder, aggravated child abuse and grand theft. Auto President Trump attacked NBA superstar LeBron James in his latest tweet questioning the athletes intelligence just days before he is set to hold a rally in James his home state this came as a response. To interview LeBron had conducted with CNN host Don lemon, about, his, brand new I promise school, opening Breaking, tonight in. Volusia county deputy is fatally, shot a man after officers were called to a home. Near. US seventeen.

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