Trump Today: President announces resignation of Scott Pruitt



A time for one president trump tweeting moments ago that he has accepted epa had scott pruitt's resignation we get more from abc's lana zak in washington the president trump continued to publicly support his epa administrator scott pruitt stratas dona fantastic job ultimately brew it could not withstand the mounting allegations and pressure from legislators to step aside among the issues that blade pruitt allegations that he benefited from a sweetheart housing deal from the wife of the lobbyists chart on fox news fair market value that combined with other allegations of financial impropriety pruitt's tenure as head of the epa has now come to an end president trump has hired fox news executive bill shine to head up the white house communications team shine who lost his job at fox amid criticism of how the company handled sexual harassment complaints hold the title of assistant to the president and deputy chief of staff or communications tom has described fox as his favourite news network.

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