Judge denies Trump admin attempt to block Calif. 'sanctuary city' laws


California one of many western wildfires has now burned about eighty six thousand acre concerns is right now is departure fee on the north end of this fire it's extremely steep what fuel there is there is the grass and brush is extremely receptive to this fire cal fire deputy chief scott mclean zoo in dallas welcomes a baby gorilla on it is a long long time since that has happened the gorilla is the first to be born at the zoo in twenty years it's healthy and well but it's gender is still a mystery dallas zoo primate curator keith strasky says mama gorilla hope is hiding a certain view from them you can tell the gender of the baby is by their bottom line and that is tucked away in her arm almost all the time but the mystery just makes it more fun for visitors they're having a great time guessing the gender and thinking up their names you think it's going probably kristen wiesel for cbs news dallas no i'm tom foty cbs news twelve o five at the bay area's news station kcbs mostly sunny later today after the morning overcast burns off again warm temperatures will prevail good morning i'm curtis kevin for larry sharoni here are some of the stories we've been following for you a federal judge in sacramento says for the most part california's socalled sanctuary state laws are legal kcbs political reporter doug sovereign says the judge largely rejecting a legal challenge from the trump administration the trump administration asked the federal courts to block california's sanctuary state laws but judge john mendez a conservative republican is ruling for california upholding sb fifty four and a companion bill writing that california's decision not to assist federal immigration enforcement is not obstruction and that standing aside does not equate to standing in the way state senate president emeritus kevin de leon who wrote the legislation tells kcbs he expected to win but he also expects the administration to appeal an attorney general and a president who incest they're they're livid because we won't be a cog in the trump deportation machine the judge ruled the california can order state and local law enforcement not to cooperate with ice and can require state review of federal detention centers reaction from uc hastings law professor roy little all of this is based on state sovereignty the idea that california certain sovereign powers and solitaire don't interfere directly with the federal government's efforts those are okay the court did find that the state cannot keep private employers from cooperating with federal agents the trump administration calls that a major victory and says it will continue to fight what it calls california's unjust policies designed to protect criminal aliens and that threaten public safety doug sovereign kcbs environmental sorry joining that scott pruitt has stepped down from heading the epa but kcbs is meghan golsby reports they don't believe it's replacement will be much better in one way it's a sigh of relief we who it is on its high pie that says dan cameron professor of energy at uc berkeley there's no indication his replacement at the top of the epa andrew wheeler will be any better it doesn't doesn't make it pressure off like saint groups that out to be told me the corporate hopefully going to find jetsons against wheeler i'll have to keep doing all this in california has been fighting he says in fact and says we likely won't see any actual changes from this leadership change because the state has been fighting every move pruitt made and that won't stop says simon mui senior scientists within our dc in san francisco california will continue together with other states to push back and resist this effort to really roll back fundamental core environmental protections these are protections that are state for decades has led the nation on making gold speak kcbs cal fire says they expect containment on the county fire by this coming tuesday the blaze which started last sunday ten miles north of lake barry esa in yolo county has now consumed eighty three thousand acres no one has been injured in this grass fire but nine structures have been destroyed one hundred and ten others remain threatened the temperatures expected to rise into the weekend conditions could be right for the blaze too against dr grow and the ponti fire and lake county is slowly inching toward being fully contained it is now ninety two percent contain fifteen thousand acres have burned twenty two structures have been destroyed six others were damaged one firefighter has been injured just ahead on kcbs and arrest has been made in a.

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