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He did promise in announcement would come by monday secretary of state mike pompeo is in the air and on his way to north korea after intelligence and satellite imagery showed that despite all the goodwill gestures to the us and south korea kim jong un may not be moving towards denuclearization after all the president says turning illegal immigrants back at the border it's just like kicking people off your front lawn the president taking to twitter to rail against immigration laws that he calls in say mr trump calling on congress to pass what he calls smart fast and reasonable immigration laws the president tweeting that when people with or without children editor our country they must be told to leave without enduring what he called a long and costly trial the president adding they must leave just as they would if they were standing on your front lawn wally hindes reporting meanwhile all that ruckus yesterday the statue of liberty protesters hanging antitrump antivice banners were arrested including the woman who climbed the base of the statue and didn't come down for for several hours detective brian glacken from the nypd she was basically up there saying about the children in texas a quarter beer inflator today for her how could you be trapped in a dark cave in taiwan for almost two weeks with twelve young boys while the answer meditation the soccer coach was a monk they're teaching those boys to swim with masks in hopes that that will help extricate them we don't need to train them to be scuba diver all right we just need to turn them to know how to use the equipment and how how to breeze from scuba equipment either using the foo fest mass or using the rick law regulator they're all described still is mostly healthy just hungry townhall news stocks and options trading involves financial risk and is not suitable for all investors for your your stockbroker and hire yourself i'm scott bauer and.

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