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Well, that's sweet buddy. There you go and then going back to the topic at hand, let's talk about training, especially when it comes to selling the idea of training and getting budget and whatnot from management should should I t management? I mean, first of all, should they help with skilling up their team and go and prioritize training? Is that, is that worthy? And if you think it is, what kind of training do you think would be beneficial for engineers look into skill up as we're looking to migrate or reflector data and applications into the cloud. So I think getting to know in new platform is something which is crucial in order for you to understand how it works. So definitely, yes, you need to be trained on the tax from your using. There are a number of different ways. My personal preference is I do not like to frontal courses or lecture stands in front of me. I sit there for four days, learn about a certain level of certification from AWS or Microsoft or VM wear, whatever it may be. I've always been a hands on her, and there are. More than enough courses out there and a number of things which I've used through my certification process of five AWS certifications over the past year were six months ago a year ago. For example, lenox academy or a guru there eat. There are online courses which are not expensive at all. Usually it something like two hundred dollars for a carton. You can do it more or less whatever you want for a year. So it's not ready that big of a hole in your pocket. These are the kind of courses which not only give you the experience of having something explain to you and go through piece by piece by piece while they aren't, but they all have hands on experience in.

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