'Hot batch' of heroin leads to 16 overdoses near Flint, MI in last few days


Law that determination from the Michigan secretary of state following a nearly two year, investigation they say it. Was illegal to insert a campaign fundraising event flyer. Inside water Bill mailers to residents that event was the state of the city address fouled says he, had nothing. To do, with it in points. The finger. At Sabe who he says coordinated everything you know I don't believe it that's Leandra let chair of the Michigan taxpayers alliance who filed the complaint against the mayor in two thousand sixteen coordinating directing and organizing just stay to. The city address for weeks. Leading up. To mayor Fouts and Seibu have been fine seven hundred sixty one dollars Stephanie Davis WW j. NewsRadio nine fifty. Will the state's health director. Face manslaughter charges for deaths during, the Flint water crisis the judge has deleted decision in the case of health director Nick line until, August twentieth. After the, August primary Lieutenant governor. Brian Kelly. Is accused the attorney general Bill Schutte was running for governor of using the case where political gain both sides squared off in court today before a packed courtroom special prosecutor Todd floods at line I received legionnaires data in. January of two thousand fifteen. And had. The chance to save lives by learning the public but he didn't do it lines attorney says the situation in. Two thousand fifteen was confounding confusing and complex and not criminal The Genesee county, sheriff says something has to change as the county this week deals with a rash of overdoses sixteen. Overdoses in two days says Genesee county, sheriff Robert pa- Cal mostly in Flint from powerful batch of heroin on the street they called it a hot patch in your little swimmer little sliver between the high and says most, were teens all were. Saying with Narcan but he says it's time to address heroin as a public health problem saying the war on drugs. Is lost he'd like to. See those who oh deep forest into rehab and given the money if they don't have coverage The people, who says she the same thing happening the people say don't speak and health News conference listen confidence in myself don't start. Dealing with it as a public health menace Sandra. McNeill w w, j NewsRadio nine fifty For reports Dr Larry Nassar sentenced. To life in prison for sexually, assaulting hundreds of young women and girls says he wants to be re sentenced by a different judge he's really not that Islam Barthel but that story attorneys for Nassar say he. Was released into the general population in, the Zona. Federal prison where, he's being held, and, just hours later he claims he, was assaulted two motions were filed in Ingham County Circuit Court Wednesday Nassar says judge was quote admittedly not an unbiased and. Impartial judge and she should be disqualified citing. A statement, that she might let people do to Nassar what he did to. The girls the constitution didn't prohibit cruel and unusual punishment he says judge William, tried, to demonize him in front of the entire world Nassar. Is serving decades behind. Bars for criminal sexual conduct and possessing child pornography Lauren, both old w. w j NewsRadio nine fifty The, motions filed by, Nassar, was sentenced to decades in federal, prison and child porn charges focus only under state charges a Mustang young athletes I think what he wants to do is. Perhaps change the narrative of what happened in. Lansing when, he had the two sentences there but is it really going to. Have any ultimate effect on serving in prison probably for the rest of his, life, the answer to that I think is no Wayne State university professor of law Peter. Hanning says judges have thera- mount of flexibility in sentencing but if it appears that a judge is not really listening. To the evidence it, could become an issue.

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