'Narcan in my purse': Overdose antidote training expands to public as opioid epidemic continues


But the humidity down just a little bit making it not quite as oppressive with highs in the lower donny's. In heated index, ninety five to one hundred channel four meteorologist, Dave Nussbaum, how'd you? The man ended up dead and cut into pieces in Livingston parish. WWL Steve Cohen tells us cops are working to fix. Out. Livingston parish sheriff Jason art calls it a very bizarre. Case saying it started when ascension parish officials contacted his detectives on. A missing persons. Case they had a tip to look at a home. In the twenty. Six? Thousand block of Evelyn drive in Denham springs vary. Says in a wooded area they found human remains of a body that had been dismembered art says they're still. Trying to figure out exactly what, took place they've already though made two arrests as the opioid epidemic shows no signs of slowing down the St. Tammany sheriff's office is now quipping it's deputies with a drug that. Can counteract the effects of an overdose WWL wells Chris Miller reports other police departments have started equipping their officers. With Narcan now, the Saint Tammy para sheriff's office will do, likewise with, its deputies? Covington police have been carrying the opioid antidote for a couple of. Years now and chief Tim Lynch says it is a Proven lifesaver and probably the first eighteen months with Mr. fourteen different times Fourteen different times people live lend says he seen overdose patients. Go from turning blue to getting up, and walking into the ambulance officials note, that while Narcan won't cure. Addiction they hope people who get these second chances will get the help they need New Orleans. Residents who in.

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