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Dot com meteorologist Heather zehr. Has your Thursday forecast the heat is. Still going to be ongoing on the west coast for today, we're looking for another, hot day even up into the, northwest we've seen temperatures above ninety degrees in Seattle for the last several days and it's. Likely to hit ninety once again for this afternoon temperatures are going to be in triple digits throughout the. Central valley of California and all the way up into Oregon and will probably have some triple digit heat in interior sections of Washington as well as you head further inland into the mountains though you will start to have some more clouds around, there also, can be, some stormy weather then as you get to the east slopes of the mountains some showers, and thunderstorms including a possibility of heavy rainfall and we'll. See some flooding downpours and perhaps gusty winds, with those storms as they form we'll have some showers Scattered around. The, Great Lakes as well and a. Front extends back across the plains may. Also have some thunderstorms firing up this afternoon that can bring downpours and gusty. Winds those are going to be most likely across a swath. Of land from northwestern Ohio back across Indiana and Illinois and intimacy hurry, along the east coast we do still have some lingering moisture, as well we'll continue to have rainy weather for Maine and eastern portions of doing land and some showers and thunderstorms from the Outer Banks on down into Florida and that's the weather across America in Boston today variable clouds with a couple of, showers and a thunderstorm will have a high of eighty. Two and in Denver Colorado heavy storms. For this afternoon high eighty that's the nation's weather I'm Accu, weather dot com meteorologist, Heather zehr just seven degrees off, the hottest temperature ever officially recorded in North America one hundred twenty seven a death valley. California yesterday thirty one At west Yellowstone Montana This is. America in the morning it's seventeen after I'm John, trout Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is holding his ground corresponding Clayton Neville says Jones is, not backing down on his stance on. The national anthem and says the team won't distance itself from Papa John's during, the annual state of the team address at training camp and Oxnard California Jones said the Cowboys have a policy in place that. Requires players to stand as, far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned you know. Where I stand our team knows where I stand on the issue the NFL implemented a new policy in may, that requires players on the field to stay in during the. Anthem but gives them the choice to stay in the locker room the policy is currently on hold while the league has ongoing conversations about it with the players association and onto another controversial topic in response. To the use of a racial slur by the founder of Papa John's, Jones said some teams that have cut ties with the pizza. Chain don't have the same relationship that the Cowboys have with Papa John's business in Texas. And the bottom line is that The, Cowboys in our relationships we own those. Stores not it's not an endorsement Jones said his team is established a unique. Connection with Papa John's our Cowboys are big face of Papa John's and that was one that hick that state that judgment is. Wanted by what we've done, over the last fifteen years with Papa John's that's. Very unfortunate that that's being addressed unfortunately for the company and unfortunate for John I'm sure if he could do, it over again he'd like do overs Jones said he literally. Has thousands of people who work in the Papa John's stores and reiterated that the team won't cut any ties I'm Clayton Neville also in sports veteran guard Vince Carter's coming back for his twenty first NBA. Season Carter's agreed to a one year deal with the Atlanta Hawks he's, the league's oldest player at forty one years old in major. League baseball with a four zip win the Cleveland Indians And the Pittsburgh Pirates eleven game win streak nineteen passed Facebook stock nosedive when America in the morning returns after these messages The national debt. Is now over twenty trillion dollars what happens next, rising inflation drops in the dollar's value some experts say another, crashes coming you can, fight, this,.

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