Dutch podcast network hits a million downloads a month; and Apple Podcasts gets a redesign



In the latest Pont news in the Netherlands day and night. Dutch podcast network is celebrating after hitting over a million podcast downloads in July, they publish more than twenty shows and they started the company in April twenty seventeen. By way of context, only twenty three million people in the world speak Dutch in an interesting blog, post you ex design. A Henry Chang interviews uses of the apple podcasts app and redesigns it to make it better a particularly interest in his mock-up. Search returns, not just that person's podcast, but other podcasts they've appeared in how stuff works assigned to deal with docs in the UK for ad. Representation Dax is owned and operated by global, the UK media and entertainment group. The South China post highlights podcasting in China and Los Angeles from gender equality, viewpoint. An interesting points because podcasts can be downloaded from so many different sources and more difficult for the Chinese government to censor audio. Boom has a new nonexempt. Chairman, Michael Tobin is on multiple tech boards and was CEO of telly city data centre and Colocation company. Audio, boom claims to host over fourteen thousand content channels. Congratulations and happy. One year anniversary to everyone loves guitar. In that first year they produced three hundred and ten episodes each around. Ninety minutes long featuring full length interviews with professional guitar players, September listening list for podcast brunch club like a book club, but for podcasts is ocean conservation there. Two new chapters of the group one in Sydney in Australia, and one in last San in Switzerland, and in Australia, confronting opinion, pieces posted on the ABC's website from the host of silent waves.

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