Waiting For Hoffman

The Industry


Istar. As for cannon films. It was business as usual. The next Monday after the fallout with Hoffman, they took out two more welcome to the cannon family adds. One of them announced the signing of Diane Keaton for a movie called housekeeping, and the other welcomes Peter Boyle for citizen. Joe. This was going to be a sequel to the nineteen seventy acclaimed movie Joe, which he had also made for cannon films. Both of these movies by the way were also never made Elwin. Leonard would get an adaptation of one of his books made by canon in nineteen eighty six, fifty. Two pick up with ROY. Scheider was released that year. But more interesting and much more relevant here is that Leonard would take his experiences in dealing with Dustin Hoffman and channel them into a new book that would become a movie in nineteen ninety-five, Get Shorty in it. The character of egocentric actor. Martin we're played by Danny de Vito was based on Hoffman. Wall to Miraz did try again to get LeBron made in nineteen ninety five after the success of Get Shorty this time, trying an adaptation done by buck Henry, but it was to no avail looking back on his time trying to get it done in the nineteen eighties mirrors concluded that Dustin Hoffman was less interested in making a movie as he was in talking about making a movie. And despite there being many Elmore Leonard adaptations since nineteen eighty six, including out of sight, Jackie Brown and the Get Shorty sequel, be cool. There has still not been one for LeBron. And.

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