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Understand how Carmen and Halley ended up there. We I have to back up a bit. The two met in two thousand three. When Carmen was looking for a job one day, she walked into a county department of human. Services office in rural California about ninety minutes north of LA where Halley worked. Eventually Carmen, got Halley's job when he got promoted the two didn't hit it off straight away. Heli thought Carmen was named dropping when she mentioned being friends with the manager that first meeting, but they got to talking more in on. They had stuff in common. They're both Latina. They both love live music. They're both the youngest of four children. Eventually, we took a chip to the mall to to go look at MAC makeup, and we've been best friends ever since the too soon became enmeshed in the other's family so much so that it usually wasn't just Carmen in Halley, hanging out together. It was Carmen, Halle, and Halle, sister, Gabriela or Gabby. For short, Gabby was about two years older than Heli him. The three would go on trips together. They love traveling and they loved music. So traveling to concerts was pretty regular thing. In two thousand sixteen. In fact, they all three went to the route ninety one festival in Vegas. It's just the atmosphere of the concerts and then just getting to meet new people and. I don't know. That's why like like we've done God Coachella before it was completely popular Coachella stagecoach will admit up in Brownsville, Oregon. We've flown all the way to Boston to see George strait U2. and Boston also why Boston, if you don't mind me, it was you to for my birthday and my sister really wanted to see and just it was the traveling. It was, let's get out of California. Let's go see them somewhere else outside of our close knit area here and really experience especially around. I wish people that Gabby had said she wants to see you too in the most Irish city in the US. And so that was a big part of why we we flew out there. My sister's Irish. If you missed it that last line was Heli saying, my sister was Irish. Gabby wasn't of course her parents were both born in Guanajuato Mexico. They moved to the US worked in agriculture, became legal citizens, raised a family and launched a restaurant business named after Gabby that's morphed over the years, but currently sits off interstate five and lost Hills California at lures in customers with signs along the interstate that say attack, oh, a day, keeps the hang away. But Gabby embraced other cultures. She even named a daughter. I rarely as an Ireland Heli and Carmen are similarly embracing of other cultures. I asked them about it. I don't automate put Makina together with country music fan. Am I alone in that is that naive of the and if you go to our restaurant, you'll find that that's predominantly the music that I play there too. And I've gotten a lot of why because that's a music I like, you know, they're technically in Spanish. They're called on us and it just translate in English. So it's the same type of, you know, music, the broken heart, the my woman left me my, you know, my big truck is gonna run over something so you know, it's all it's all the same to me anyway. And I just like Helen, Carmen bought tickets for last year's route. Ninety one festival in the winter, but Gaby wasn't going to attend. She was pregnant with her second child which made what happened June sixth. Two thousand seventeen all the more tragic Gabby had been driving to the dentist when a young drivers slammed into her car medics arrived. And it didn't seem at first that Gabby was all that hurt. She was talking told emergency responders that she was just stuck inside or car. She was green tagged medical terminology meant to designate, whereas walking wounded and other words hurt, but not seriously in reality though her seatbelt had wrapped around her like attorney kit. And as soon as medics cut, Gabby free. She began to bleed out. She died at the hospital, the baby with whom she was seven months pregnant didn't survive. Gabby was a high school teacher and her death hit the whole community hard for those who knew miss Soto. They say her smile, laughter and positively lit up any room shoes and version for everybody shows a role model. She was just such a great teacher. We'll school officials say they plan on aiming the school garden after Gabriella Soto in her memory set Elise behind a two year old daughter boyfriend inner four sisters reporting in studios renew. So I would for Heli in Carmen. The loss was incomprehensible. Gabby died less than two miles from Carmen's home. It was such mundane appointment going to the dentist and to lose her life in such a pointless way. They struggle with it abbey just had this flair for high school kids. They just like flocked to her and I, it just it was just your personality. Just like most people flocked. There should just amazing personality that the did just attracted tour and and that's why I think her death was such an impact on all those students just because she was making such a difference in their lives.

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