Dixon Cole, Shaun King and John Nolte discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


Woman cerita dixon cole makes the claim that a state trooper raped her during a dwi arrests she makes us claim people start sharing it on social media some of these social justice warrior losers like shaun king shaun king is famous for being a white man who claims he's black and wants everybody to know that he's black even though he's white john nolte of breitbart famously refers to him as talcum axe like talcum powder it's i'm sorry it's brilliant don don't even don't even so this is the claim she makes she makes his claim one thirty am on a sunday the highway patrol trooper daniel hubbard sees this chevy malibu traveling and polls the vehicle over for a traffic violation during the stop hubbard arrest the driver on a charge of driving on talks kid and took her to the county jail right that's how this all went down then she gets a lawyer she starts making these claims they start talking about the claims that the trooper offered to let her go during a field sobriety test in exchange for sexual favors after the woman declined he groped or enforce something into her sleep at that the moyer said the arrest was prolonged and then took inside and outside the police vehicle bring on the social justice warrior shaun king who tweets about it who says this woman was kidnapped and raped by texas state trooper and gives the officer's name and that she's now being held hostage in the ellis county jail enter the body cam footage enter the the video and

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