Venezuela Election Won by Maduro Amid Widespread Disillusionment


Summit scheduled for june twelfth in singapore may not happen at that time but pompeo says his office will continue with preparations for the meeting between trump north korean leader kim jong hoon german kim asked for this meeting president trump agreed to undertake it we work to find the date and location we got those set and since then we're driving on it is clear we are we're working to make sure that there's a common understanding about the contents of what will be discussed but i i'm optimistic pompeo's comments came after the president sat down earlier today with his south korean counterpart is continue depress the two sides to meet trump today question north korea's commitment to denuclearization and as well as president says he is expelling the top us diplomat and his deputy from his country nncholas maduro accusing the two of being involved in a conspiracy alligators npr's philip reeve says his rejected as false by the state department medeiros given us shasha defend todd robinson and his deputy forty eight hours to leave venezuela the announcement came as madero celebrated his landslide victory in an election the us calls a sham here the empire does not dominate us madero said in a televised speech we've had enough of conspiracy the us state department says venezuela hasn't actually officially notified it the two diplomats episode on on gratae and warns that the us may respond with what it calls appropriate reciprocal action the white house imposed a fresh round of sanctions in the aftermath of maderas reelection sunday in a vote that's rejected by latin america's largest nations and the european union but it breathes npr news caracas the us house of representatives has passed a bill.

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