Washington Capitals' Tom Wilson won't be suspended for hit

Pardon My Take


Yeah the puck can never been in the net so we're good honestly on that one science will back up that was not a goal that was a great call by the presence of mind to to use the pair lacks fact in the mid oh of game that's you can't read that stuff and then so as caps fan i know a lot of people out there saying tom wilson is maybe the biggest comeback in the world taking headshots dirty play he deserves to be suspended he's an asshole but is a cast fan i'm not saying that i'm saying clean hit i think it was pretty clean hit two so he was skating behind the guy right it was do most do most into the show so if you're listening to this well he's probably not because probably in a cellar so you're gonna say yourself in mike leeches equipment shea but so do skating and then wilson was behind him and do just hit the brakes and almost through his head into wilson shores yup so actually jim hilty on dr yeah i if i'm through your head around like right if i'm the player safety representative i'm looking at maybe suspending for game i'd agree all right so we cleared that up feels good i mean yeah ray more at home for four to one i didn't also skated boys shot him we out hit him i didn't realize 'til today to that we have home ice some ex thursday even more painful sucks because we you know we lost homeice.

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