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Mr Trump, Gina Fastmelt and Director discussed on News and Perspective with Tom Hutyler


From airbus eighty from boeing worth seventeen billion dollars all the deals are dependent on us licenses because of the heavy use of us parts and commercial planes walmart has agreed to take control of india's largest ecommerce company flipped cart for sixteen billion dollars giving the retailer ecommerce foothold in india's economy as a child has to fend off amazon jordan peele is bringing a new thriller to the big screen a follow up to last year sleeper hit get out the project is so under wraps feel simply tweeted out a poster with a title us the promises a new nightmare from the mind of academy award winner jordan peele and in theaters march two thousand nineteen times jennifer kushinka with your money now as we said it is a positive day on wall street right now we're well into positive territory the dow jones industrial average ahead two hundred and twelve points right now the nasdaq up about one percent at seventy points that's one percent up today and the s and p five hundred is a head twenty seven points right now we'll have another check of your money coming up right here in thirty minutes traffic and weather coming up in just one minute now your political insights from abc news primary night in four states ohio west virginia north carolina and indiana we're vice president pence says younger brother greg has won the republican house primary in ohio democrat richard cordray and republican mike dewine winning their primaries they'll face each other for governor in the fall in indiana outsider mic braun has won the republican senate primary back in washington president trump pulling out of the iran nuclear deal going to want to make a new and lasting deal mr trump says he would sign an agreement that permanently ends iran's nuclear ambitions and state sponsored terror when they do i am ready willing and able and today the president cia director nominee gina fastmelt faces tough questions from senators how she was involved in the.

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