Arlington National Cemetery, President and Senator Bob Corker discussed on Coast to Coast AM


By the ad council president trump laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers monday then speaking about the heroes buried at arlington national cemetery were all united then as they're united now forever by their undying love of our great country today the president heads to music city president trump is making his third trip to nashville since becoming president to headline rally slash fundraiser for congresswoman marsha blackburn the republicans running for senator bob corker soon to be bacon seat tennessee one for president trump over hillary clinton by more than twenty five points yet polls for blackburn have varied while the primaries not till august the race does appear to be at this point between her and former tennessee governor phil bredesen's and some polls have the democrat beating blackburn opole two months ago found him popular with independence and even some republicans so in a senate where republicans only have a two seat majority the race is being closely watched jessica rosenthal fox news.

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