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Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Richard Jefferson discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd


Platt practice and to really understand the best way to slow him down and stop it right and he's not overly physically gifted like a kevin durant this six foot eleven or seven foot he's not overly physically gifted like lebron james who six nine two hundred and sixty pounds so he is a guy that depend on skill and and consistency but the way the game plays it just makes it very very hard you even look at steph curry is amazing two time mvp she is yet to have a final right and it's because like you get into these moments in the little bit tougher now i think this year could be his year to win the finals mvp but he's been in the finals three time has to mvp no finals mvp richard jefferson seventeen years friend and former teammate lebron james great talking to you man thanks for having me he touched on something and it's a really really good point and i want to elaborate it will we see hardin differently next year and i'll in it's really remarkable how how this works it really is we'll talk about that jason mcintyre he's feeling great today because durant won the mvp of this series but was he really that's coming up car shopping confusing the price list price oh i'm sorry i just stepped on tiger woods is maybe he's ready to take on the greatest golfers in the world of the one hundred and eighteenth you live coverage begins june fourteenth from shinnecock hills on fox efforts one and streaming live on fox sports go we will be revealing the us open groupings next thursday on our show so you don't think tiger woods is going to do so much in this i think tiger will make the cut my question tiger is he never gives me four days he gives me to it's either thursday friday or saturday sunday physically look at his body i'm not sure if he can give me four great gay days against jordan speed and dustin johnson and all these guys us opened a lot of fun though it's like you it's like the masters if you could drink a lot it's like the masters and you don't have to wear dockers and you can have your cell phone on and it's a little while and i like it all right like like listen man.

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Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Richard Jefferson discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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