Michael Cohen's lawyer requests more time to review seized materials


One from cbs forum ashton altieri on koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm fifty five degrees partly cloudy skies downtown mandy connell here have you taken a yelped a lousy business on full blast with a bad review will could get you sued one woman is facing a million dollar lawsuit by her doctor our view all the details starting later at one on koa newsradio just about five twelve on colorado's morning news new developments in the federal case against president trump's former attorney michael cohen prosecutors now reveal they seized his shredding machine at its contents when they raided his home and office the clock now officially ticking in the fight over millions of documents seized in those raids of president trump's personal attorney michael cohen highstakes on both sides the judge giving cohen until june fifteenth to get through three point seven million documents seized in those raids to make their case for attorney client privilege but coen's attorney saying they still need to get through two thirds of that material pleading for more time we have people sleeping on couches we are working around the clock the government also under pressure to build their case prosecutors revealing for the first time that among items seized in those raids cohen's shredder other potential evidence secret tape recordings allegedly made by cohen according to stormy daniels attorney michael abernathy who argues they could be explosive avenue dotty appeared in court but withdrew his request to join the case after receiving a swift slapdown from the judge you will not be able to use this court as a platform abc's kiro phillips reporting a play from a popular televangelist for fifty four million dollar jet in order to spread the gospel around the world and he wants to pay for it using his ministry's donations the bible does say as any shall receive so televangelist jesse duplantis is asking for fifty four million dollar private jet i really believe that jesus was physically on earth today it wouldn't be riding a donkey by there for a minute he'd be an airplane preaching the gospel all over the world in new orleans based minister now getting backlash asking for donations so he can purchase his fourth private plane in cash we're leaving god for brand new.

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