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When I subscribed Dollar Shave Club a couple years ago, it was as much out of a show me attitude as anything else as a podcast fan. I'd heard plenty of ads and decided to bat five dollars that it was worth trying. My thought was if I didn't like it, I was only out a few dollars and then at least I could stop wondering what the big deal was. I haven't looked back at day since before I joined. I always tried to get that one last shave out of my razor because they were expensive and I didn't want to have to go buy more. It is crazy how now I just expect that I'll always have a fresh razor and a clean shave. It isn't even a consideration for me anymore. I use the executive Reeser and honestly, I'm still occasionally surprised at how well it works shave aftershave plus it's cool knowing there's always another blade available, and there's always another one on the way. I don't have to remember to go get one, which is great because there aren't any worse chores from even going to the store. More recently Dollar Shave Club has started to expand the notion of no. No longer having to treat yourself to other hygiene products. In addition to razors Dollar Shave Club has shave butter, shampoo, body, wash, toothpaste, everything. You need to look feel and smell your best. I recently added their lavender body washed my subscription pretty much for the same reasons. I got involved with Dollar Shave Club in the first place. I bet that it was worth it and it was it isn't heavy or perfumey just clean for me though. The best part is once you find the products you like you can just get them. I always feel a little ridiculous standing in the bath trying to figure out what I need Dollar Shave Club sends me as much as I need when I need it. You don't have to set foot in the store wandering the aisles hunting for razors shampoo, body wash toothpaste. None of it test drive everything they have. You're definitely going to find something you like, and here's a great way to try a bunch of Dollar Shave Club products for just five bucks. You can get their daily essential starter kit. It comes with body cleanser. One wipe Charlies. They're amazing, but wipes their famous shave butter and their best razor. The six played executive, keep the blades coming for just a few more bucks a month at in the shampoo toothpaste or anything else you need as you need it. Check it all out at dollarshaveclub dot com. Slash this is war. That's dollarshaveclub dot com. Slash this is war. Tomboys are all about being on the road, you're loading or you're moving. Rest was reserved for breakdowns and stolen naps. While someone else drove as ideas continued to hurt and kill Americans, though the rules of engagement began to feel more like handcuffs than directives, especially for someone who is committed to her duty as CARA was if you talked to any other soldier, they'll say your job. First and foremost is to be a soldier and to fire your weapon and be in combat. But that wasn't my reality. You know, like my reality was I will fire my weapon if I have to, if defending myself or my battle buddies or anyone I'm working with, or you know, just in of yourself that wasn't our mission. Our mission wasn't to shoot people and they made it so strict to shoot you weapon. Yours didn't want to. That was a heated time like my last deployment, but you had to jump through hoops like I can remember hearing them on the radio, like a gun truck in our convoy requesting permission to lay down warning fire and suppression fire in this area that we were driving through. And then you sit and wait and wait and wait and wait for them to return with their answer over the radio like you're waiting for transmission to come through. And it's like if this is life or death out already be fucking dead. And in the end, it is the waiting that is the most difficult part boredom was as dangerous enemy as any attack the insurgents could launch, maybe more so in that boredom was the enemies ally reducing reaction time and enhancing complacency. And so you talk to stay engaged, search your mind for stories and try to keep it nimble, try

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