Senator Schumer Calls Court Ruling Travel Ban Un-American


Educator that my family's been here for three generations and i knew my community i knew that this was always knew that this was possible she was also an organizer for former presidential candidate bernie sanders but was tending bar up until eight months ago crowley meantime was believed to be the next in line for nancy pelosi's nancy pelosi's job as minority leader in congress a federal judge in san diego ruling that the government must reunite migrant kids and parents who were separated the border the ruling also ends the family separation policy that recently came under fire from both parties but decision requires the government to reunite children under five with their parents within the next two weeks while republicans celebrated victory senate democratic leader chuck schumer says the supreme court ruling on the president's travel ban was just plain wrong this ruling did not make us any safer justices affirming the travel ban on several mostly muslim nations schumer said the five four ruling does not make the us safer the new york democrat also called the travel ban on american thousands of people expected to hit the streets on two wheels today they're already out there it's bike to work day in denver and if you're one of those using pedal power for.

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