Takeda shareholder group proposal fails to pass at AGM


Show today's qualifiers you will come to our july sixteenth giveaway where they'll meet adam copeland not paulie mac right paul he's got his big fiftieth birthday week again i'm just running away man running away from reality hey feeling i feel okay at this point yeah i felt we talked about the fact that you're more than halfway done right i assign myself the age of fifty last year i started calling myself difference a certain point on forty eight and i know you're not you're fifty just face it so anyway i ran towards it i embraced it and then about two months ago mike i don't think i wanna be fifty and now i'm back to knock karen what are you going to cope ultimately end of the day you look yourself in the mirror so what are you gonna do what are you gonna do you'll be fifty as well we have no control why can't hope so by the way i told you we'll get back to the giants in just a second here and did you tell the nine o'clock not i was waiting for like a formal introduction but there was a a double play that ended the game in the final score was the giants three rockies to bom so good so good and and you played gorky right why have not not not yet punctuated his tenth shot of the year see i apologize for not knowing what you play 'cause i'm too busy sorting out all this stuff with germany soccer team because my my phone is ping'an i'm looking at my groupie and f standings right now while he's sports history was made today germany fails to advance from its group at the world cup for the first time ever so last five last five defending champs four of the five didn't make it out of group germany two thousand fourteen doesn't make any group spain twenty ten doesn't make it at a group italy twenty six doesn't make it at a group france ninety eight doesn't make it at a group the only team that did was oh to brazil and then they lost in the quarterfinals polly it's not good to be king as they say in automated good track well he says it's good to be yeah rest in peace apparently it's not so i guess that's what that means when you win the world cup you spend the next four years drinking in humping and you're not in good shape can i say that he did and i i wouldn't fault anybody for doing that actually it's been four years drinking and you know sounds like a good plan to me what did you do for the last frame it's better than drinking eating and and and you know getting intimate yeah or it's better than something how your last four years not so good i just got out of saint quentin we'll see this is the great thing about klay thompson 'cause you know he's he's on that game plan and yet he still winning championship i like harry said something to the effect of it's the most versatile emoji got a wink with the tongue out germany had reached the knockout stage at the last sixteen consecutive world cups which was obviously the longest active streak of any nation this is seismic stuff man so mexico and sweden advance germany out and anyway so that's the reason why i hadn't figured out your denzel and your bombs away i was busy sorting out this seismic news about germany soccer and they are gone on go mexico and sweden but probably mac back to the days from last night and we talked about gorky and we talked about the fact that he had he hits homer he lays down a bunt that leads to a run which was like whoa wait where was that on sunday when i don't know anyway any draws the basis loaded walk off adamo davino that kruger had a great line by the way about the home plate empire strikes own jim thumb pelicans neighbors he said he was he had a tortoise strikes on the size of a toilet seat and no corners either so because your average toilet seat doesn't have many corners no you don't see custom built so and then.

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