President, Dr Ronnie Jackson and Trump discussed on Speak Your Mind


The leading when critic of the president's people want choice to visit for that veterans iconex affair structure secretary dr ronnie jackson who ended up withdrawing his name the president says he knows things about tester that could cost him his reelection at that rally president trump also saying he plans to meet with north korean leader kim jong hoon in three to four weeks the associated press reporting kim claims that the president will find out that he's not a person to point missiles at the united he states plans to meet with north the south korean korean leader president's kim jong hoon office also in saying three came to four promises weeks to shut the down associated a nuclear press site reporting in kim public claims view that the president will find us out that immigration he's not a lawyers person to are point telling missiles hundreds at the united of central states american migrants south korean that if president's they planned office to cross also the border saying kim tomorrow promises to shut they'll down be a detained nuclear site for some time in public the migrants view apart caravan us that immigration started its lawyers journey are weeks telling ago hundreds arriving of central in american tijuana migrants mexico that waiting if to they get plan into to san cross diego the border to seek tomorrow asylum they'll president be detained trump for has some vowed time to take swift the migrants action apart if any caravan members are that started lying about its journey wanting weeks asylum ago believing arriving the caravan in tijuana is a threat to mexico the country waiting asylum to get into seekers san diego are typically to held seek for a asylum few days before president are turned trump over to has federal vowed immigration to take swift agents action for if further any screening members are lying fox about news wanting fair asylum and balanced believing the caravan is a threat to the country asylum seekers are typically held for a few days before they're turned over to federal immigration agents for wildfires further screening burn millions fox of acres news each year fair and balanced and each year wildland firefighters like five chief james hall battle to contain.

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