Ex-CIA officer charged with massive leak to WikiLeaks


Now charged with this massive leaked to wikileaks joshua schultz is just twenty nine right but he's been charged in this new grand jury indictment and i guess he just had a treasure trove of us government stuff that he turned over to wikileaks that was pretty damaging kate i mean this is one of the major leaks of our time and he was an engineer and he has this this leak the grand jury of courses in dieting and it's to wikileaks and you know what amazes me most about this how on earth are you know these contractors or these employees whether it's the cia nsa private contractor like eric snowden how can they get this passed amount of information out to people and this was now they found out there was a child porn case it was revealed in court that shows this this man was a target of the investigation into wikileaks and then of course the release of the collection was known as bald number seven so it must be a treasure trove of information that has now gotten out there wait and see what happens with that but man that's boyd's gets crazy and that changed of course some of the policies of how they were doubling up on who they're hiring these contractors all that kind of stuff i mean kind of rippling all the way through the and some of the people that they contract out with some of the big companies right right in this is not the only one last june they had an actual security agency contractor reality winner was arrested on charges of leaking online publications in march they had one in minneapolis terry albery was charged with the leak to the interceptor the fbi's procedures i mean and then james wolfensohn so this is the fourth in a row i can't imagine how they're going to continue to let this go on i mean there are electric ways to you know sort of prevent this type of thing from happening yeah absolutely another big story today and this is one i say that america tonight people are talking about this former first lady laura bush she could self she spoke out on sunday night about separating families on the border it was in the washington post has pumped out all over the place she said it was cruel and immoral she said she lives in a border state she appreciates the need to enforce them protect the boundaries but this is hero tolerance policies just cruel it's immoral it's awful you know in two thousand fifteen george bush started this what they call it like a streamlining process brock obama did it and that was to allow for actual prosecution of people so it allowed the government to say you're coming in we can't prosecute you and at least that was a maybe a way to keep less people here or to deal with people especially if they had a criminal background but at that point in time they didn't split families now there's two things that why this is going on two different directions one is that president trump and this is a i think awkward to say the least said well this is a wedge to be using the democrats to get immigration reform if he does this with the families but the second reason and and nobody really is talking about this case too much the second reason is to send the message to people out in mexico that are trying to come across if you come here we're going to separate you from your family's and then in the latino community mexican community families are a big deal and so some people may be maybe dissuaded from coming here if they hear that now again is this is way to say that this is our policy but that's another reason they're doing it yeah speaking of that the house plans to vote on immigration bills this week tell us about it well one of them even on life support it's it's going right straight to the graveyard that's the conservative version that one's done the second one is a compromise the president likes it and right now most people on the democratic side don't like it and and really conservative do not like it so i think that one's on life support i can't imagine we're anything's going to come out of there and of course this is.

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