New Mexico: Police say woman high on meth caused fatal crash


To blame democrats for families being separated at the us mexico border speaking at the white house today the president said current immigration laws need to be scrapped and redone we have the worst immigration laws in the entire world nobody has such sad such bad and actually in many cases such horrible and tough you see about child separation you see what's going on their homeland security secretary christian nielsen meanwhile said today that officials will not apologize for enforcing immigration laws that result in the separation of children from their parents several democratic politicians went to the san diego tijuana border visit one of the facilities housing migrant children who've been separated from their families speaking with reporters house minority leader nancy pelosi said president trump is using these children to advance a bad policy and to inflame his base me for days but i think he underestimates the dignity of his base when he says just go to the most extreme place and at the border and that extreme places taking children away from their parents that's not the american way albuquerque woman will spend four years in prison for fatal crash that happened in two thousand sixteen cynthia silva was sentenced to fifteen years today but the judge suspended eleven years authorities say silva was high on meth which he crashed into another car on i forty near ninety eighth street killing shirley van y silva pled no contest to hitter homicide in april of lead mad is dead following a crash last night on twenty five state police a thirty one year old antonio mendoza was southbound on the interstate near berlin what is vehicle left the roadway enrolled mendoza was pronounced dead at the scene to passengers were taken to the hospital their conditions unknown eightyfour degrees and albuquerque i'm larry molin break on ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy newsradio k k o b we're gonna continue with more of your phone calls i wanna talk about moral or immoral even those of you republicans do you think this is immoral but the president's.

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