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Holds out we'll see what happens with that soccer world cup twenty eighteen in russia's still in opening round pool play three games on monday sweden edge south korea one nothing on a penalty it was the swedes i golden over four hundred minutes of play eating all the way back to march belgium pounded panama three nothing ramalu lukaku scored twice and england defeated tunisia two to one rotten like a hurricane the tottenham striker with an early goal and then the winner in stoppage three more games today columbia and japan meeting saransk pulling in senegal go at it in moscow and then the second set of pool games begin with russia and egypt they go at it in saint petersburg three games tomorrow's back three games every day through sunday and then they'll go for a day for four days to wrap things up and ten days after winning the stanley cup and a week after their victory parade the washington capitals are in search of a new coach barry trots resigned on monday is original contract was set to run out after the season but a clause in it activated a two year extension if they won the cup thing is that was negotiated for years ago when coaches were making a lot less money where it is trust wanted to big raise they couldn't come to terms and so now he's a free agent capitals not only hold the stanley cup they also posted the best record in the nhl over the last four years with trots at the hell in college world series play in omaha monday night there monday afternoon it started monday afternoon anyway oregon

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