NBA Draft 2018 - Latest Draft News and Predictions


And follow our social media feed as well now here's rich eisen all right everybody our number two or the rich eisen show is on the air we already had adrian wards now ski of espn joining us in our number one it's the nba draft week is it going to be de'andre eight and is it going to be launch could it be possibly michael porter jr shooting up the draft charts on thursday how does that all play into the free agency front what is going on with co walk hawaii leonard in the spurs how might that affect lebron james free agency bid when july hits what to the lakers have to do to try and get kawai leonard could the celtics come in and swoop in for kawhi leonard we asked all of it to adrian and if you missed any of it you need to go to our app apple app store google play at the link at the top of our twitter handle to hear all of that he essentially just to give you a quick glimpse that the spurs still have some leverage here they still have one year left on a contract for kawhi leonard and they don't have to make a move before this year's draft unless somebody steps up and makes them an offer they flat out cannot refuse this the clippers have two first round selections back to back would they be so bold to go ahead and do that tobias harris is a name that's being thrown around as well what would the lakers have to do to pry loose to the point where popovich and the rest of that organization can handle seeing him more than just twice a year which is all they would have to do sending him to boston kouzmin ingram would that be good enough throwing a draft choice in the end of it.

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