Red Sox Thump Angels 9-0 To Improve To 15-2


To a conclusion okay seventeen minutes after five o'clock in the morning let's take a look at sports you red sox fans what can i say you must be absolutely jumping up and down the sox beat the angels there goes our producer eric he just got out of the chair and started jumping up and down the red sox beat the angels nine to nothing the socks go for the sweep tonight at ten o'clock out on the coast the bats defeat of the nationals eleven to five the mets exploded for nine runs in the eighth inning the mets will play the braves tonight at seven thirty and the yankees hosts the blue jays tonight at six thirty national hockey league the devils lost to the light thing three to one the lightning now hold a three to one lead in their series and the bruins will face the maple leafs tonight at seven o'clock well the yard goats defeated the portland sea dogs nine to four last night the yard ghosts finished the series today at twelve noon and then they will be home to hartford and here is a very interesting story in sports that happened on this date this day in nineteen eighty seven the los angeles clippers finished the regular season with a twelve win and seventy loss season at the time it was the second worst win loss record in nba history only behind the.

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