Soldier Steals Armored Vehicle from Va. National Guard Base

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly a democrat and a Republican will square off in November in California's race for governor NPR's, Jessica Taylor reports on the results of the state's gubernatorial primary genera election races set. It's democrat, Gavin, Newsom, and Republican, John Cox, who will face off to succeed, outgoing, democratic governor, Jerry Brown Newsome. The currently ten governor will be heavily favored. Hold a seat GOP party leaders have been worried in all democratic race would depress Republican turnout hurting more competitive down. Ballot races, President Trump weighed in on Cox's behalf, helping the GOP businessmen to advance Republicans have avoided that possibility in the Google notorial contest, but it could still happen in the Senate race in come at Democratic Senator. Dianne Feinstein has advanced to the November election, but it's unclear yet whether she'll face Republican or democratic challenger this fall, Jessica Taylor, NPR news, Washington in Alabama, governor k, I. V will be on the ballot in November app to winning the state's Republican gubernatorial. Primary, her opponent will be the democratic mayor of Tuscaloosa. Kyle Gasset with Troy public. Radio has more on the results there. I've use tapped to move up from ten governor to governor a little over a year ago after her predecessor left office. Amid a sex scandal on Tuesday night. She reminded supporters that over the past year, she's lowered both taxes and the unemployment rate and has quote righted. The ship of state Chacel told voters that she needs their help in November because the liberals won't this job bad they wanted, but they not gonna get it. These challenger Tuscaloosa mayor, Walt Maddox was the clear choice of Alabama Cima critic voters. He walked away with fifty, five percent of vote almost double the amount of his nearest challenger from pair news. I'm Kyle Gasset in Montgomery, Alabama in Mississippi Republican, Senator Roger wicker won the GOP Senate primary in New Jersey, democratic Senator Bob Menendez won his Senate primary contest and Republican businessman. Bob hugging won his party's nomination defacement end as in November, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Ave is planning more talks with President Trump. The two will be meeting at the White House tomorrow ahead of next week's planned summit between Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong, UN and Singapore. They're expected to discuss Japan's security concerns regarding North Korea. Iran is the focus today for his rarely Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. He's in Europe for a series of meetings. He held talks with the French finance minister in Paris this morning later. He's doing London for a meeting with British Prime Minister, Theresa may and foreign secretary Boris Johnson that. Now who has said his main focus is the removal of Iranian enforces from Syria, but he's also expected expected to discuss the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with Iran. This is NPR news from Washington. In Virginia. A member of the national guard is under arrest. After an armored personnel, carrier was stolen from fort Pickett, cried Carper with member station w. c. says the military vehicle was driven sixty miles before a chase ended in downtown Richmond, and as yet unidentified active duty, national guard member is responsible for the incident and is now in state police custody witnesses saw him smiling as he drove down broad street through downtown Richmond, this stop on his own accord out of the vehicle down onto the ground. He failed to comply to numerous orders from the trooper, and he was tasted that point. And then after that he was taken into custody without further incident surgeon, Keeley hill is the public information officer for division. One of the Virginia state police. No one has been reported injured in the incident. Police say the suspect was taken to VCU medical center to be valuated as a precaution for NPR news. I'm Craig corpora in Richmond game three of. The NBA finals is tonight in Cleveland. The Cavaliers trail, the Golden State Warriors, two games to none Golden State's Steph curry and Cleveland's. LeBron James say, regardless of which team wins the NBA championship. Neither team wants to make the traditional champions visit to the White House, Korean James site President. Trump's decision to revoke an invitation to the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles over players. Kneeling during the national anthem to protest social injustice and police brutality. The eagles won Super Bowl fifty two. Earlier this year. It's been a positive day for stocks in Asia following yesterday's gains on Wall Street. I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington.

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